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    Pop Tour 1987
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    IE TOUR 2015...M.S.G.8 Perf. 1,2,?
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    IE TOUR 2015...M.S.G.8
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    All of Them...but Adam, what a cool bass player.
  1. i went to both sat and sun...had tickets for sunday but somehow got lucky on saturday and score GA tickets (at face value) at the very last minute... AMAZING SHOW'S BY U2. love vertigo, gloria, BD, stuck, elevation and overall most of the songs...looking to attend the last show but then again i am struggling with the notion of going to jones beach theater and see marilyn manson/smashing pumpkins show...help me make up my mind people. manson or bono?
  2. it used to be..."i'll sell you a bridge"...now people do want to buy them bridges...times have changed.
  3. to the "ticketsnow" "stubbhub" or scalpers of the world...i know it is hard but if everybody held back and make them nervous, maybe the prices will fall some. good luck to all.
  4. i lost out to but sent an email to tbastards maybe they will feel sorry and sell me at face value the tickets i need. everybody should send an angry e-mail to them. customer_support@ticketmaster.com,
  5. So sorry, i'm no expert at buying tix. I just wanted to know what CCE meant. Sorry again. i know what cce means for ticketbastards...c-charge and c-charge me again= e-empty pockets...
  6. ticketmasters "verify" every fan resale ticket...those tickets never left tm site for a second to be bothered by that.
  7. this is really awful...by fans? who dey? Performer Alert Dec 14, 2014 Nothing Beats Being There We have more tickets than ever before — including seats sold by fans and verified by ticketmaster!. ON SALE Mon, Dec 15, 2014 10:00am U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY Sun, Jul 26, 2015 8:00pm More dates
  8. already at 10:00 am a "delay screen" show up from TM...thats when they do their shifty deal...still waiting...i just went from 4 minutes waiting time to 15...you just cant win with this company.
  9. ticketbastards will be using their bots to prevent you and me from getting the cheapest ducats around...but you and i will be able to go to their second site and pay a mortgage for those tickets in seconds flat...WE ALL NEED GOD'S GRACES ON THIS ONE...
  10. Steel Panther...just to see the expressions on everybody's faces... muse was great at 360 kings of leon bored me to near death on vertigo cant remember who opened the pop tour... i would like to see BECK such a great artist.
  11. WOW!!!! now i see that since i used the password on the first round of dates it would not work for the second round of dates. awful! i only get 2 tickets and thats it...not fair.
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