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  1. The I and E tour was shown on BBC (UK) and RTE (Ireland) at Christmas time following the Paris show (ahead of the release of the DVD). Any talk of E and I being televised?
  2. In 2015 McHughs had a DJ playing U2 before the concerts. I know they have ‘December’ on tonight playing after the concert but not sure what they have pre-show.
  3. No support act on this tour. They have been scheduled to come on at 8.30 at most European venues so not sure why the earlier start in Belfast.
  4. McHughs is a good bar IMHO. It’s down close to the river Lagan facing Custom House Square. Only a 5 minute walk to the SSE.
  5. Less than a week to Belfast ?. Who is excited? We are going to grab dinner in town around 5 then head over to the Odyssey around 7. What is everyone else up to?
  6. I appreciate that this is non Manchester related but I’m writing in response to the periscope debate in the thread. I broadcast from Belfast in the i and e tour but you do get cramp holding your phone up. I’m going both nights next weekend and might broadcast a few songs from one of the nights depending on wi fi. Would anyone recommend a selfie stick as a way to avoid an overdose of lactic acid in my biceps? Cheers
  7. Tickets still available for both Belfast shows on ticketmaster.
  8. I'm going both nights but then I'm slightly obsessive like most people on here :-). May even try for a Dublin night closer to the time.
  9. You're in for a treat. 2015 was fantastic at the Odyssey. McHughs had a U2 tribute night with music before and after the shows
  10. Hi Heather. Sorry to hear your health prevented you from seeing I and E. Hopefully the 4 upcoming concerts will make up for it. Not sure where your first 2 concerts are but in Belfast Edge is on the North Side of SSE and Adam is on the South. Sounds like you have great seats regardless
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to try a media blackout then until October :-).
  12. I had red zone tickets last time and thanks to the threads on here and watching videos etc, I knew when to walk out to GA to the b stage. I also used the fly for a toilet break ?
  13. I followed the i and e tour through you tube, periscope, mixlr etc so that when it came to me attending a concert in Belfast there were few surprises. I remember hearing gasps and seeing a few people pointing up at Bono in the screen during Cedarwood Road. This got me thinking of how nice it would be to see a concert 'fresh' for the first time like in the old days (1990s :-)). I'm thinking of trying to avoid all footage, recordings etc until I see the show in Belfast later this year but suspect that I may have to bury my phone to achieve this. What is everyone else planning for the upcoming tour? P.s. I'll probably break and log in to you tube the day after the first concert :-).
  14. Pre sale windows as advised by ticketmaster are below. You can wait to 10pm if you wish but tickets for each category could be limited so on the basis of demand the earlier you log in the better the chance you have of securing the tickets you want. Onsale to General Public Start: 16 Jan 2017, 09:00 Red Hill Group Start: 11 Jan 2017, 09:00 - End: 13 Jan 2017, 17:00 Wires Group Start: 12 Jan 2017, 09:00 - End: 13 Jan 2017, 17:00
  15. Some people don't get U2. Their loss
  16. I'm sure they could find some solution to this, but unlikely I'd say until the next leg of the tour. Ironically I was in GA for Belfast 1, in which I had more space to move in and got within two rows from the E stage. I know it was for charity, but it feels that I was somewhat short changed in paying nearly 4x times the price for a GA ticket, but with no apparent benefits. I know what you mean. In Belfast MGZ, you had to join the main queue that was extremely long due to security checks. Then when you got to the building you had a separate door for MGZ that probably saved you about a minute getting in. The Oddysey has two VIP entrances but these must have been reserved for actual VIPs ;-)
  17. Move the wheelchair section to the front of the raised MGZ area? As you say, maybe there are logistical reasons preventing it. I'm not going myself unless I can get a cheaper ticket (have been able to find a €198 ticket on two occasions over the last few days) Just trying to think of solutions. I saw them both nights in Belfast. MGZ there wasn't great but at least it was in contact with the main stage and allowed for a good view of the main screen
  18. If anyone reading this has any say, would it be too much trouble to insert a platform into the music gear zone to address this problem?
  19. McHughs started to get very busy last night around 6.30. After the concert there was a queue at the bar so we went to the duke of York which was also fairly busy but had live music. McHughs have a dj playing U2 before and after the show
  20. Wouldn't know for sure but hold on to the old card. In the FAQs I think I read that even when your card has expired since purchase, it is still acceptable for entrance. Maybe it will be the same in your circumstance?
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