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  1. These are sold, thanks all.
  2. LOL, David. This is the first tour that I'll miss since... since... I don't know. Hoping they'll make a southeastern stop in 2016.
  3. I have two tickets for Thursday 7/23 in section 103, Row 9 (which is actually the 4th row of the section). I got knocked up (happily) after purchase and it'll be too close to my due date for us to travel to NYC for the show (sob, sob, tears). I paid $150 each after all the garbage TM fees so would like $300 for the pair. e-ticket transfer via TicketMaster after payment. I'm going to list them on the ticket sites in a couple of days where they will charge even more fees and tickets in this section start at $600 (crazy).
  4. Keep trying the code, or close the browser and try again (or try a different browser), and it should eventually take it again. I ultimately got the mobile app to work and got them through that.
  5. Search for Best Available, if there are GA, they will show up.
  6. Finally got tickets via the app by beating on it at the login screen until it signed me in. Once I was in it was quick except it wouldn't show my saved credit card in the app so I had to enter a new one and Save a bunch of times with timeout errors before it took it. Not the great tickets I originally had, and my "1 minute wait time" on my computer has been 1 minute for 15 now, but at least I got tickets.
  7. I got offered tickets right away on the mobile app, but it wouldn't show the credit card on the account to complete purchase. Tried logging out and back in, now the Sign In server is unavailable. I started over on the website wince it was still at 9 minutes, got offered GA tickets.. and.. internal server error. I must really like this band or something cause this is a giant PITA
  8. My wait time has been less then 9 minutes for the last 15 minutes. While I appreciate that U2 makes a presale even available, there's no excuse for TM to not have a functioning site. This is what they do! I don't know if it's even working at this point, if I should let it keep spinning for "9 more minutes" or back out and try again.
  9. Waited an hour for the presale to start. Had 2 GA tickets in my cart on the way to checkout - Internal Server Error. Then it wouldn't take my presale code again for five minutes. Ten minute wait to get tickets, but now an internal error has occured and I should try again later. Now won't take my code again. Junk service, their whole model should be around selling high-demand items and they can't keep it working.
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