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    Achtung Baby. Changed my life it did.
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    One. Great, great b-sides an all.
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    Zoo TV. June '92
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    Aye right.
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    Zooropa 93
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    Potato Man
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    Depeche mode. Come on, who doesn't love Enjoy the silence?

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  1. My guilty feet have got no rhythm.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. liljbau


      "just what i'm hearing"????/ I SAW THAT on svetlana's page !!! shameless plagiarism!! or......is imitation the finest form of flattery?

    3. liljbau


      tonight the music seems so loud , i wish that we could lose this crowd

    4. Achtung75


      It's better this way baby.

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