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  1. Got mine today! Very nice looking. It came with a cloth face mask, too! Nice touch! Too bad it doesn't fit anywhere nearly well enough to actually work, but it was a great touch nonetheless. I sort of can't wait to hear it, sort of don't want to because I WASN'T THERE and I'd give anything to have been there, boo hoo hoo .... lol.
  2. Yes!! Same reaction here. Such gorgeous singing. I am in love with the CDs. Best sub gift in a long time. They bring me right back to these shows, which were incredible. Right now my favorite is Miracle (of Joey Ramone). It's just so fantastic live, so much better than the recorded track (which is great just to start with). I also love hearing the live tracks that I didn't get to hear at my shows, like Red Flag Day, Landlady, Summer of Love. Also, it's fun to hear the audience cheers in the songs where I was at the shows, and tell my 7 year old fan daughter, "That's mommy cheering! Hear me?" LOL. Thanks U2 and U2.com!!
  3. Amen to the Jazzman! Love Adam's bass. Love it. U2 would not be U2 without his bass lines.
  4. Same boat - about where did the time go - I have so many memories of my first daughter as a baby, all wrapped up on me, as I swayed her to sleep to Moment of Surrender. And blasting Magnificent in the car, too.
  5. Oh. I love this video so much. The burning for love is so palpable. And knowing what a seminal moment this was in U2's career makes it such an electric thrill to watch. And yes, I totally agree, that SOE is an album soaked in love. It is the album that connects with me emotionally more than any other.
  6. JCF

    R.I.P. Thread

    I've been thinking of him today, after I read about his passing. Nice to see this thread, thank you dmWay. Wings of Desire is my absolute favorite film of all time. I can't count how many times I have watched it and I am moved every time. And it's thanks to U2 that I discovered the beautiful films of Wim Wenders.
  7. One year in and I, too, have not retired SOE. It's still one of my favorite albums to listen to, and often. It still feels like a shimmering, beautiful gift.
  8. I saw 2U (Notu2.com) a few times when they used to come up to New England, but they haven't come up my way in years, which is too bad b/c they were great. Around the Boston/NH area in the US, we have Joshua Tree. They don't dress as the band, they just play the music. They do a nice job. However, they don't play nothing from NLOH, SOI or SOE, and they play nothing from Zooropa either. Just the big hits. I would love them to play more recent stuff, or more deep tracks. http://joshuatreeband.com An old friend of mine is in Zoo Station from the Bay Area, CA, and I got to see them once on a visit out there, and they were fantastic!!
  9. JCF

    U2 dreams

    I had a long U2 dream last night. I was talking to their manager, who in my dream appeared as my campaign manager from a political campaign i worked on 20 years ago, pitching a few ideas to him. One was that I had a great publicity campaign for Bono to promote Pepfar (President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief). Why I was throwing around the term Pepfar in my dream, I have no idea. The other was that I had found a great bass guitar teacher in my small New England town for Adam to come get lessons from, every Thursday afternoon. The manager was writing it all down, and was interested, so at one point I slipped in, "Why don't you just give me Bono's cell phone, it will be easier for me to explain to him," and the manager responded with "Nice try. No chance." Eventually, though, Adam agreed to the plan and there was a lot of decision making as to how he would get to my town. He eventually helicoptered in. He started with playing with some local folk musicians in a living room, where I had been smart enough to arrive early to get a good spot. Then I invited him for dinner before his lesson and he accepted. I paused, and then asked if his wife and daughter would be joining, hoping he would say no! But he said of course, plus 12 others of his traveling entourage. I woke up trying to figure out what I could possibly pull together for dinner for all of them, with such short notice. At some point in the dream, I tousled Adam's hair. Funny dream. But it goes along with most of my dreams that include Bono - they are always about my trying to connect with him over our backgrounds in campaigning and political work.
  10. Thanks for sharing! This was a really good read. Made me a little too nervous about the end of touring as an actual possibility but I will brush that worry aside and assume that they couldn't possibly actually stop. Not anytime soon, at least.
  11. Got my vinyl, too! My husband's is on the way. Now to just find a friend with a record player....I agree it's a bit of a bummer for them to be producing records and shipping them to so many people who will not play them. Whatever. I was one of the lucky few whose fan club membership worked out and got me pre-sale tickets. Worth it!!
  12. JCF

    U2 dreams

    I dreamt the other night that Edge had some document he needed me to edit. And I kept saying loudly to anyone who would listen, because I knew how ridiculous it sounded and I couldn't quite believe it was true: "Oh, I have to go, Edge from U2 needs me to edit some documents for him!!" I got the job done and sent the flash drive off to him via mail or courier or something. That was it! So random.
  13. Wow, that was hard to watch. Bono looked scared during Red Flag Day. I hope this is minor and temporary. My heart goes out to Bono, the band, and the entire arena full of fans.
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