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  1. Feeling lucky. Got 2 x GA this morning during album presale. tickets bought. hotel booked. time off sorted. 9 months and counting..................bring it on!!!
  2. I ordered the same way and havent heard anything yet. I saw something on here saying we'd receive codes in January. I've also renewed my membership. So.....if i get a code for my membership to buy 2 tickets for european shows, will i get another code for preordering the album? And how many tickets can i order with the album preorder access??? Any ideas anyone?
  3. did anyone ever receive their codes for ordering the new album? i ordered the cd in great britain,. ive had a confirmation email for the order, but nothing about presale access. any ideas?
  4. Dreading the announcements around the european dates. This sounds like an absolute shambles. Assume the resale sites are already full of tickets.......
  5. Been into my account today, looking for the REDEEM button. No luck. Tried confirming and then updating address info. But the REDEEM option doesnt show up at all. The solutions that are on here (from a few days ago) dont seem to be working for me. Help, anyone....Any ideas?
  6. .............and relax in and out in the space of 5 minutes during this morning's Wires group presale. no stress, no bother. so after much flapping and venting i've ended up with GA tickets for both nights at Twickenham. relieved. and happy.
  7. evening all i will be trying for twickenham2 seated tickets in the morning. so far i can see 4 prices (£40, £78, £110 and £187), but cant tell which parts of the stadium are in which category. obviously the cheapest are farthest from the stage, and the most expensive will be closest. but does anyone have seated tickets in the £78 or £110 bracket? if so, can you tell me which blocks and tiers these are in, please. (i'm sure ive seen a tout site that lists ticket face values [then multiplied by 5] but cant find which one it is) thanks
  8. what did you use? website or app (or something else???) thanks
  9. For those who are having the nightmare first hour i had, do keep plugging away. I downloaded the TM app, and tried that. After about 30 "no tickets" responses the TM app suddenly pinged up with the 2 GA tickets i was after. I am so relieved it is unbelievable. But i feel for everyone who hasnt had any joy so far. Keep trying, and the very best of luck.
  10. Gutted. Nothing available. Was in at 9 on the dot. First time since ZOO TV that i've not been able to get tickets.
  11. Any idea how much the RZ tickets were? (are, if any left for tomorrow AM) I've looked at TM but cant get in as far as RZ prices (yep, another lapsed membership). Sorry if someone has already answered this.......... Thanks all
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