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  2. Be Aware! Traffic coming into Pasadena will be a mess. Lots of events and construction going on. Allow yourself plenty of time to get there!
  3. Hey Safe travels! I suggest going online and buying your parking pass for Parsons. (Paid 16.50 on LAZgo). You can also go to the Rosebowl website and pay for your shuttle pass ($5.00) Parking at the Rose Bowl will be a nightmare! Better off shuttling it. Be safe and have fun! Ill be in the back too! Party!Woot!
  4. Hey Trip, thanks. As much as I want to be close, I don't want to get into a bad situation. I think RB is going to be a clusterf*&k to be honest. I've been going to U2 concerts since 84, and I'm just so blessed to go! I have GA, and I just want to enjoy the music and visuals. Hopefully I'll be able to see some of it, lol!!!! I won't be able to get to the RB until around 4 anyways, so I'll be in that heinous line for a while I suppose. Just hoping to get in just in time for my boys!
  5. It's not going to fly. I'm pretty sure the same thing will happen as to what happened for the 360 show. I was in that line at 7am, and got bum rushed as soon as the gates opened. I'm just happy to have GA and going to the show. I'm not going to get into it over the line.
  6. Yes Jared, where do we go to sign up to be on the GA list? I heard line up won't be until the afternoon.
  7. I just ordered a clear, small messenger bag. Thank God I got one day shipping through amazon! lol. I'm trying to make the day as less stressful as possible. Have fun and be safe everyone!
    Although I cannot stand the Rose Bowl, I will drudge through all the inconveniences to see the greatest band ever! I'm so excited to see them on the 30th Anniversary of Joshua Tree. I saw them the first time around for this amazing, life changing album at the Orange Bowl in Miami 30 years ago!!!!
  8. no matter what is done to prevent the scalpers, they are always one step ahead. Awful.
  9. Talked to someone at Ticketmaster, they said only 200 tickets were released for LA Rose Bowl. WTH????? I've never had this issue before. What's the point of a presale if there is nothing to get?
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