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  1. Hopping over from Florida for 1,2,3 &4
  2. I would suggest that if London got all 4 projected shows: Logistically by venue availability could fit Glasgow on 3 Oct 31/Nov 1 (available from 29th to 10th), Belfast on Nov 4/5 (available from 27th to 6th), and then Dublin on Nov 8,9 11 (available from 4th to 16th) But that's just logistically. If London falls short of 4 shows (since they only announced 1 originally and may have only 2 in the works) then does the schedule move earlier or does it leave room for another venue? Of course this is pure speculation. Especially with rumors of the Belfast dates by a non official post.
  3. Venue available from Oct. 29 to Nov. 10 at Hydro
  4. I was just informed they are doing new codes from U2.com. ??? This lack of information and multiple answers from U2 fan support is a wreck.
  5. Several TM accounts reported have been hacked. CC info stolen and purchased made. Maybe this is the source of the breach
  6. I don’t know of any music download Email. You should get a CD redeem email but thats from TM.
  7. Especially since TM is listing a public sale for 11/21.
  8. LOL. Fat finger day. But most of my friends are truly fiends too.
  9. Every show I looked at and have fiends that bought has ticket options. Not cc entry
  10. Take notice of the iNNOCENCE group sale time change. Now 1pm ET / 10am PT.
  11. tdarby719

    Fan Meetup Denver

    Ticketweb is where the Hard Rock has $12 tickets for Under A Blood Red Sky show. Look for U2ieTourDenver Meetup over on that face place.
  12. tdarby719

    Fan Meetup Denver

    Deena has a fan meetup set at Hard Rock on Friday prior to UZoo playing. Just FYI
  13. San Jose Center staff says purple wristbands are stage right pink is stage left.
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