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  1. Long time member.. I renewed my membership in March 2017 and again in March this year. Still waiting on 2017 gift.
  2. That's grand. I will be with you shortly. Just down the road in Fairview. Do I need to bring the passport or will the "cupla focail" be sufficient proof for entry. Just to be clear, I draw the line at wearing one of those blue jerseys. It's red and white for me always.
  3. The initial rumour was that The Rolling Stones would play Croke Park on either 16 or 17 June. It would now appear that the band has scrapped plans for a Summer tour and may opt instead to play a small number of dates in the Autumn.. It remains to be seen whether an Irish date will be included in the schedule, if such a tour takes place U2 has stated that a second Croke Park date will not take place and that still seems to be the position.
  4. at 360 overnight queue'rs were let in under the stadium so depends on how the security feel i'd guess. Times may have moved on. I live close to the stadium and get a community newsletter from Croke Park before each concert. For Springsteen in 2016, it says, inter alia, "overnight queuing/camping will not be tolerated". The newsletter goes on to say that stewards will be on duty from the evening before the concert to deter queuing/camping in the community area.
  5. I received mine and so have lots of others. Check the status of your ticket in your Ticketmaster account and check with them if it says your tickets have already despatched.
  6. I would expect that no overnight queuing will be allowed. Furthermore, it will be left to the promotor/An Garda Siochana to decide when and where queuing can commence. At the end of the day it will depend on how early in the day a significant number of people start arriving.
  7. For what it's worth, I took a walk around the exterior of Croke Park today as it is very near my home. First, I agree with mk310174 on this one and the U2 gig will be no exception. There are five turnstiles each at section A and section K. The turnstiles in section K lead on to the street and the turnstiles in section A are inside the entrance gate on the Foster Avenue side. Technically entrance K probably gives people an advantage but one of the main concerns for security on the day of the gig will be to ensure that concert goers are not blocking up the streets leading into the venue, so the entrance gate at section A will probably be opened well before the gig starts and punters will be held in a 'corral' before being allowed through to the turnstiles. The area inside the entrance gate on Foster Aveue is quite large so they may allow the 'early birds' at section K into that area as well. There is immediate access to that area from the Clonliffe Road side as well, where section K is located. Croke Park is in a busy residential area with private housing on all sides. Promoters will be anxious to ensure that disruption to local residents is kept to a minimum. They want to continue running concerts at the venue.
  8. Nothing in Dublin for 2015. It was a rip-off.
  9. I will be walking around Pitch 2 without a lanyard around my neck. Probably the exception to the rule, so I must be the VIP. Way too cool for that sort of scam.
  10. Me too I thought you had your own motel.
  11. are they the collector ones and where do you live? Thanks Standard ticket. I live in Dublin.
  12. I received my Pitch 2 ticket for Dublin today.
  13. Nothing yet - but I would not worry. Sometimes tickets arrive within a few days. Other times, it takes a bit longer.
  14. The previous contributor has covered everything. I have been to Croke Park many times for gigs. If this is going to be a "once in a lifetime" experience for you, I would run with Pitch 2. You can suit yourself as to whether you want to queue early or arrive shortly before the start of the gig. Either way, you will have a good view.
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