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  1. We are right outside security now and the NRG staff has been great. They're letting us onto the Plaza to use the bathrooms while we wait. The GA line number is now 190!
  2. My pleasure! I think it's Kirby.. I wasn't driving.. it's the entrance by the marquee. I'm unsure what the second line is; there's just one GA numbered line fir the floor. Maybe the second is Red Zone. I do know they let us in 50 at a time. i hope that helps! Goodnight!
  3. Yes! Come get your numbers now if you want to. Everyone in your party must be present to get a number. Then we have to line up at 5:00am for check-in. Someone will be here all night-- we are taking shifts
  4. We are here at the stadium by lot 9! Get your numbers! Everyone in your party must be present to get a number. Check in is at 5:00am.
  5. You don't need your CC to get a number but everyone in your party and on your CC needs to be present.
  6. Great question! You need to have everyone with you whose ticket is on the credit card used for purchase because you swipe the card for entry.
  7. They said all night-- people are taking shifts.
  8. The GA numbers are being given out now at NRG by the main entrance! Look for folks in U2 shirts
  9. Good call out about long jackets. I imagine security will be even tighter now. I wonder what Bono will say about the bombing...
  10. ? I thought the same thing! I'm 46 and have been strength training for my four GA dates! GA spoils you-- there's no going back to seats!
  11. The CTA is the bomb for getting to the UC. Ubers and cabs are extremely scarce. If you dont want to take the bus, i recommend getting a limo or rental car.
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