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  1. Happened to me last tour. Credit card still got me in. No worries
  2. What's the point? Looked for tickets right at 10 AM for the Mohegan Sun show. NO FLOOR tickets available and the rest of the tickets were crazy expensive. Screwed out of another presale
  3. Wondering if people are working on correcting the problem? Will the rest of the " Experience " group end up getting g the codes we paid for? Will we be able t o use those codes if there are added shows. If so,I will be waiting for my code
  4. So U2.com made us re up our subscription EARLY to get a CODE that we never get? 9 years paying subscription fees plus the extra one they made me buy for presale. 10 minutes after presale starts STUB HUB has tons of tickets for sale. Not buying it. Someone needs to be fired. Maybe a class action law suit will make them wake up
  5. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that I wasn't given a code after buying another subscription on top of the one that was still valid. 3 friends relied on me to get tickets . I don't want to make the call. Feeling ripped off and embarrassed
  6. Then why did I pay for another subscription when I already had one for 10 years now? I hope they add more shows and FIX this.
  7. What the heck. Paid for a code and I was already a subscriber and NO CODE. People were depending on me for their 1st U2 concert. I want my GA tickets
  8. I didn't even receive a presale code. Super pissed
  9. Long time subscription and NO FRICKEN CODE. This is such BS. Friends were depending on me
  10. By chance does anyone have a GA ticket for June 25 or June 28 they would like to sell?? Thanks
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