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  1. HA!!!!!! just coming out to tell ya's myself...Came up on my phone app!!..still no Seattle GAs but I bet that will change...congrats ALL!!! Stoked for Vany!! Never been Thanks vtech! See you in VanCity GA lineup!
  2. I hear ya, I've been out here non stop...they simply did not drop any GA's fopr this pre-sale "wire"...in both seattle and vancouver yet..I'm waiting on a possible allotment like what happend this morning in NYC..fingers crossed..will let ya know if I see anything..btw..I'm working my app simultaneously NOTHING but level 400's yep - doing the same. I miss the days of camping out at Licorice Pizza & getting my tickets at the store.
  3. Vancouver, BC - my hometown. I live 20 min from the venue.
  4. Ok, totally my fault, but why can't U2.com have an "auto-renewal" option. I've been a fan club member since the old "Zine" days and haven't missed a tour since Unforgettable Fire in Los Angeles. I forget to renew on time and now I'm without tix (unless I want 400 sec). If anyone hears of a ticket drop, GA's that someone wants to sell or anything else.. Please message me. I need 4 GA's for me and my family. Thanks! UPDATE: I got my 4 GA's as they dropped more tix. I'm happy to get them but I still want U2.com to get on board with auto-renewal. I have a Pearl Jam fan club membership and the
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