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  1. I have reserved seats that friends decided not to buy...but they aren't GA...they are sec 129 though...
  2. too bad you can't 'trade in' the tickets from today and then get red zone tomorrow .
  3. I will say I had the same TM issue. I went to my iPad TM app and got right in. At that point though, RZ were gone and I wasn't doing GA. Yuck.
  4. A lot of people have said they have bought RedZone on public sale days. Given that there are such a limited number of dates, I'm guessing when Gillette (not Boston, I only wish it was Boston) sells out, they add a 2nd show..but that's probably it this time because there is not much time between dates. What I hate is that you buy your tickets for a show, and then oh look a second show is added, but you can't use your presale for that show unless you haven't used your allotment for the first one..so you have to play a guessing game: do I hold out for the 2nd show and then use the presale code OR do I just blow out my allotment for the first one and kick myself that I could have gotten 2 RZ for the 2nd show and 2 reserved for the first. Ugh...with my luck I'll be in section 399 for either.
  5. My tickets for Gillette were for reserved seats (not VIP) and were $285 each plus the low,low Ticketmaster service charge of $20.95. You'd think for the money they raised in service fees for this concert, they'd have an online ticketing system that works. And their CAPTCHA is awful. I'd rather type in "toast human" than play click the squares that are made of pizza or trucks or signs...I mean is the post part of the sign? Do I click that? Or just the sign? Seriously. How about you select "I'm not a robot" because your so damn mad you have to take a stupid clicking test while all the tickets for the area you want are gone!
  6. Remember back in the day when you had to send a money order (not checks or cash) in the mail? And the field was reserved up close seating. I'm old and hate General Admission. Hey kids, get off of my lawn.
  7. I didn't have any luck with RZ at Gillette. They did have some VIP available (500+ each) but I opted for the reserved seating. I despise Gillette Stadium for concerts and football. It's great for futbol because no one shows up and you don't have to spend literally 3 hours in the parking lot just get on Route 1...but for U2 or Patriots I'm already dreading it. Not dreading it enough to not go...but this like the only exception. I passed on this for PopMart and 360 just because it was Gillette..but this is the Joshua Tree dammit. $50 parking be damned. Oh for those interested there is a hotel on site and it is a "special event" rate of $850/night (includes tax but not parking). I didn't need that equity in my house anyway. But it beats getting home Sunday night/Monday morning at 4:30 AM!
  8. I was in high school and it was the first big U2 album I remember going all in on. I knew War/Unforgettable but just a few songs. When WoWY came out, that was the cassette I had to have. I played it until it warped. I joined Columbia House for the umpteenth time get every U2 cassette. I tried to beg borrow and steal to go to that tour, but I was under 18 and there wasn't the internets and I didn't know when / where they went on sale and there were very few ticketmaster outlets..and I wasn't in the club. I didn't join Propaganda until right around Achtung - so I had to sit in the nose bleeds for the indoor ZooTV show but the outdoor one was completely awesome. Primus and The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy opened for them. It was awesome. Than again at the indoor ZooTV show an up and coming band called the Pixies opened, that was pretty good too... The sad part is I went around the office saying "U2 Joshua Tree presale today!!" and the people around me 1) were not U2 fans, 2) didn't know what the Joshua Tree was...and I'm like oh yeah, you weren't alive 30 years ago. I'm old now. Sad!
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