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  1. How about an Update from Someone on the Technical Issues? Some idea of what is going on and the anticipated repair time-frame would go a long way in easingpeople's minds. I am an IT Director and would recommend that U2.com create a "Status" page which shows the current status ofthe systems and why Webmail and Paid Members Forums are unaccessible after so many days of being down(weeks for some).


    Seems like someone should alert the "customers" (Paid Subscribers) as to the status and keep all of usupdated throughout the process. I would also recommend that you stop processing peoples credit cards for NEW MEMBERSHIPS because the more people that make apurchase while this issue is going on is only going to create additional hardships for U2.com and make many new/renewed customers unhappy. Also, every timesomeone subscribes, it only taxes the servers and system resources, technical resources and may potentially cause more troubles.


    Just my 2 Cents from a frustrated paid member......

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