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  1. I took video I have yet to upload.
  2. I was there, it was Breathe, then after the broadcast they played Vertigo.
  3. Here are some shots from my amazing day.
  4. I was surprised, I'm sure there are fans at Fordham, but the fan base would have been much greater at a public show... Brooklyn Bridge style.
  5. Anyone going to Shamrock Festival next weekend in DC? I am, Flogging Molly are headlining... if you don't know them, you should.
  6. Flogging Molly (my second favorite band) Muse Arcade Fire
  7. Hey, yes you did... as you can see I am still showing that picture off... its my facebook profile shot too... I'm pushing her really hard to get me in on Friday, plus I only live a couple miles from Fordham, I can't have them be that close and not be there!
  8. Well one of our Family friends is the assistant to the VP of Fordham and its definitely only going to be open to students and supposedly it is going to be very strictly enforced... not even official guests or those visiting the school will have access. I'm still trying to get her to get me in but it is a battle.
  9. I met Bono at work 3 years ago when he came to my job to interview with Brian Williams... its a fantastic story and I will never ever forget it.
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