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  1. You know, I rack my brains over the same question :-) I wanna get a U2 tatoo on my upper arm but my friends dissuade me from this idea. They say it would bedangerous for my health. But I think I will dare to get a U2 tatoo someday))))))))
  2. I LOVE U2 very very. But the Beatles are pioneers of Rock'n'Roll. Their contribution to music can't be overrated. Without the Beatles not only U2but Queen, Scorpions, Green Day, and Rolling Stones wouldn't exist at all. The Beatles are not very popular now because their arrangements are very simple for today's music. If to take the Beatles' songs and rearrange them ina new fashion they would be world hits again. The Beatles discovered new intonations that are still used nowadays. But today U2 are bigger than the Beatles. To value who of them have done more time is nessesary
  3. mariabella wrote: No way in hell !!! The Edge is an amazing singer too. Bono can't do better than this. 100% true
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