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  1. I'll be in Red Zone for Dublin #4. Have people been queuing early for Red Zone in Europe? If so - about what time do people begin to show up? Thank you!!
  2. I'm coming in from NJ and can't wait - #3 & #4!. My bucket list concert was seeing them last year in Croke Park for JT - which was AMAZING. That was my first time in Ireland so when then announced the Dublin shows for E&I I just had to do it again. My husband has the patience of a saint... if not for my U2 shows from 2015 thru now we might have had a new kitchen.... LOL!
  3. Was just able to pull up GAs on Ticketmaster.
  4. I was shocked to get my hard ticket via UPS today - 2 days after the presale1!! GA in NJ. Got an email today that “your tickets are being printed” this am and got home from work and my hard ticket was delivered. I didn’t pay any extra for expedited delivery - just the normal shipping fee. I’m sorry for the hell that everyone else is going through but this has been the best experience I’ve had with presale since before Vertigo. Every fan club presale since I joined U2.com in 2005 has been a nightmare for me - never got GAs- only nosebleeds if I was able to get tickets at all. For JT the only tickets that came up for me were VIP - so I spent the $$ for them. Maybe it’s karma??? Maybe because I bought the VIP tickets previously (causing much marital discord over the $$$ I spent)? All I can say is that after 20+ years of being a fan club member, I was finally to get a good ticket via this verified presale. I may be the anomaly as a U2.com fan but this was the first time it worked for me. And I went into this prepared to be disappointed after my experience with the Verified Fan Bruce On Broadway lottery. Everything I read about the fan club and Citibank presale as well as the “general” sale on Monday matches what the Bruce club said about his Broadway show sales. Bruce’s fans are just as pissed off over that situation as us U2 fans are about this. And it has not been addressed (to my knowledge). Peace & Love!!
  5. I think they usually announce additional dates after the general on-sale.
  6. And - check your email again. My phone number didn't work but TM sent me an email with code & link about 40 min before presale started yesterday.
  7. The typical quantities for pre-sale tickets has been 2 tickets for arena shows and 4 tickets for outdoor stadium shows. Did you register to be a verified subscription U2.com fan member before the cut-off registration deadline of 11/12? If not, you probably won't get a U2 verified fan presale code. However, if you have a Citibank credit card, you can register as a verified fan through Citibank presale which begins tomorrow -- the Citibank verified fans are allowed up to 4 tickets. Not sure if that registration deadline has passed.
  8. I used my code for 1 NJ ticket and 1 Boston ticket with no problem. Both done on my mobile TM app after following link provided in my email (I didn't get a text because my phone number wouldn't work; TM sent me an email with my code & link to site). I have an Iphone if that makes any different...
  9. Yesterday I got my tix via the mobile app and it took all of about 5 minutes. I also had the desktop open but the site kept freezing on me on the desktop; then realized I should have gone in via Chrome. So - go with the mobile but if you need to use desktop, remember to use the Chrome browser. Good luck!
  10. Check your email - I didn't receive a text but I did get an email with the link & code. For some reason, my phone wouldn't accept the TM text.
  11. I couldn't get RZ up at all for either Newark or Boston. So I went for 1GA in Newark & 1 seat in loge 12 in Boston. I'll try for the MSG RZ next week during the general sale (provided I get "chosen" in the electronic lottery of course). Have to say - I'm pretty happy with my tickets today!!
  12. This is all so bizarre. I only got one email saying I was verified BUT never received a text. I checked my email and I had an email from ticketmaster saying that my phone number would not work so they texted me code & link. So - if anyone has not received a code, check your email. I need to figure out why my phone number didn't work however -- never thought to ask whether or not to put dashes in the phone number when I added it (1-222-2222). Maybe I should have left them out? Would kill me if I won a Springsteen/Broadway lottery and missed it because I entered my number incorrectly!
  13. Yup - mine came about 15 minutes after I went to sleep. Lol! Now waiting patiently for the text...
  14. Did anyone receive the email that was said to go out the day before presale? It said that once verified that an email would be sent the day before explaining how to prepare but I haven’t received anything. Making me nervous....
  15. Hi there - I booked a U2 Walking Tour on Saturday the 22nd @ 10:00 am - it's about a 3.5 - 4 hour walking tour (I have seats that night so no need to line up). So far, it's just me - send me a PM if you're interested in joining; I'll send you the link to the website to check it out - it's received good reviews on TripAdvisor.
  16. No number at all. I got there around 4:30, checked in at 5, grabbed a Stella, and walked in and up to the rail. I didn't see anyone managing numbers or a line (but I did see someone with a 26 on their hand up the rail a bit so there must have been something going on earlier). Much of the rail was already taken up by the tree but I was more than happy with where I ended up. Our whole area was pretty empty until after The Lumineers were finished -- only 1 or 2 people behind us until then. Really great group around us!!
  17. That cool Woman doing the lariat is Edge's wife Morliegh! She was at the shows the past 2 nights at MetLife and Bono gave her a shout-out for the video. ?
  18. I have to agree to be very wary when buying the RZ tickets from a third party. Last night when I checked in to the Red zone tent (you don't pick them up at Will Call booth), they check your name, check your ID, and then put the RZ band on your wrist. Then escorted to the RZ entrance. It's not a cc swipe like GA.
  19. I was in the RZ last night against the rail along the walkway - it was a great spot and would stand there again if I could! Yes you see the bands bums when they open but it's only for 3 songs. Bono stood right in front of us for part of a song; Adam waved to us as he walked by (me she thinks hopefully...??); and it was a great view of the band & screen. When I got in, the rail spots by the tree were taken so I moved down always. Met some great people (?? Josh, Ewan, & Christine) and had a blast!
  20. I received my VIP email yesterday and it said that it was going to be given to me when I check into the VIP section.
  21. Thank you!!! Totally gives me hope since we need to wait on someone who can't get there before 2 pm.
  22. Hi - I need 1 GA ticket for 6/28. Planning on lining up around 11:30/noon. Thank you!!
  23. Hi - I have a VIP Ticket for pre-show party and seats in section 103 row 3 seat 2 for the October 6th show -- it looks like I'm not going to be able to use my ticket and would like to sell at face value (438 Euros for full VIP premium package - 190 Euros for ticket in section; 245 Euros for pre-show catered party; 3.95 Euros tax). However - the following statement appears on my email: EVENT DETAILS: ALL PACKAGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE. NO NAME CHANGES WILL BE PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Does this mean that I cannot sell the ticket? Or that I need to transfer the downloaded ticket in person to the buyer (for some reason I cannot save the ticket to my computer or email it)? Thank you!
  24. Hi - thanks to work, I have to travel to a conference on Sunday the 19th (seriously -- can traveling for work on a Sunday be ANY more aggravating). I would love to trade my ticket Section 115 Row 15 Seat 3 for a similar lower level section or GA for 7/18, 7/26, 7/27 (my birthday...), or 7/30. Or sell for face value of $312. PM if interested. Thank you!! Mary-Margaret (aka Beachangel)
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