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  1. The 9th of september and nothing, is monthly a typo and should it be yearly ..... or is the rest of the world simply forgotten ?? Sad but typical, time is a obviously a tricky subject for them !
  2. Sevilla under a blood red sky ! Have a great birthday !!!
  3. This is the reaction I got when I ask U2.com Hello John, Thank you for reaching out to Fan Club Support. I will be glad to assist you. I apologize for the delay. I looked into this for you and found that we should expect shipping to start in August. If you need anything else, please reply to this email and let us know. Sincerely, Jeanette M U2.com Team then I of course asked the following Thanks for the reply and the info, As this is known why is this not on U2.com as news item ?. I am not the only one who has these questions, look in the zooto
  4. if you even don't care to share an update on the delay to me this shows great disrespect to your client/fans from U2.com. For the future don't mention dates just say next year.......
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    From the album: Dublin

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    From the album: Dublin

  8. Achtung, achtung, my new U2 Iphone case, looking good !!


  9. The package looked perfectly clear !! Magnificent to hear these songs, and sing your heart out !


  10. Nothing here sofar its now 28 of februari 2018 and its starts to look a lot like an new U2 album dates are always pushed back..... my order is from 5th of may 2017 no mail nothing .... don't dare to think of the 2018 gift.... arriving 2020 maybe or whenever come on guys this can't be this difficult or do you just don't care ?
  11. From the album: The Joshua Tree Brussel 1-8-2017

    Yes you are right Larry, perfect evening
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