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  1. Now all I have to do is wait 9 months LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  2. I saw them last time they were in Pittsburgh it was 4 years ago I think ???? found the ticket stub It was Saturday, Oct.22, 2005 7:30pm at Mellon Arena peanut heaven seats but still totally awesome show
  3. kinda funny cuz I just came across a box full of addressed but not stamped Christmas cards....must be from at least 2 maybe 3 or 4 years ago ?!?!?! to a bunch of zoo people..... think any of them still have good addresses on 'em?
  4. I am....not sure if it was the coffee this morning or what but I am kinda shaky.....in a good way lol
  5. It must be fate.....I was so dissappointed U2 was not coming to Pittsburgh, PA for this tour and then BOOM I hear on the radio they are doing one last show for the tour.......in PITTSBURGH ! So cool....and I have today off because I have an interview for a new job....so I was actually able to sit on computer and buy tickets at 10:00am. The show is the day after my sons birthday and he has never seen U2 live.....so I hope he likes his birthday present....I got 3 tickets for him and his gf and I to go see the best band on earth......I am so excited . Thank you U2.....we love you
  6. I'm not sure if anyone has posted this lately.....I have it on my favorites and visit every now and again....its really good http://www.makemagic.com/LAPOE.htm enjoy Love and Peace, Kitty
  7. wow have not been here in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng time
  8. 20 inches of snow yesterday....and we were on the low end of the storm !
  9. sorry that song is actually called Little Wings
  10. Love Stings version of Hendrix' Butterflys and Zebras
  11. Add Pittsburgh ... Cleveland to that list....I'd love to hear something ????????????
  12. 1368 ,,,, wishing I was in Toronto right now
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