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  1. Hi all I clicked all links i.e ticketmaster US and renewed subscription I live in Ireland have I Fucked up??? ALSO having trouble with preorder goes to basket but won't check out Help???
  2. Monday night I headed to Dublin to see the best band in the world U2 with my sister and my husband. To kick start an amazing night we met Larry Mullen jnr, what a gentleman... Too excited to click a photo!! But got one after a few starstruck minutes. We headed into the 3 Arena on a high I knew our tickets didn't have the best of views but what we did have was an alternative view. Watching Bono run up and down inside the cage! And the sound was all surrounding and fab! From the start they bought it, from the Miracle of Joey Ramone to Iris to the Streets to One it was electric!! There was no ne
  3. I just got tickets for Dublin not the date I wanted or tickets I wanted.. For the first time ever I'm sitting and not even in the best seats in the house. But how lucky am I? I get to experience the best band in the world play their hometown, I get to listen to the soundtrack of my life played in all its glory..And as always I will get a bit teary how proud am I as a Kerry/Irish woman to see the boys rock out at home. I plan to rock out and enjoy it too..

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