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  1. I'm not ..... but its good to try .......
  2. Here's hoping the Tour keeps going and says hello to Lansdowne Road. Learn to play I Will Follow .........>
  3. Here's Beautiful Day if anyone's still there???
  4. Just finished an attempt at Elevation including approximate tabs:
  5. ..... and here's the tabs to go with Get On Your Boots. Its only got 1* at going to press - I didn't think it was that bad !!! If you don't rate the playing, then hopefully you'll at least find the tabsuseful. Rob
  6. Went to the Friday and Saturday concerts at Croke Park - I'm still buzzing from over a month ago!!! One of my favourite bits was ISHFWILF when Bono let the crowd sing the first verse - here's a guitar tutorial with me playing over the top of the Edge.......sorry!!!!!
  7. OK, here's an attempt at Breathe - I fluffed the solo but hey-ho.
  8. Thanks for the vote of confidence - I found the quick slides pretty tough. Yes I used Eb for IWF, WTSHNN & Electric Co. Gonna have a go at Breath next. AsBono said at the BBC Live Lounge - its a stonker! Rob
  9. Had a go at Vertigo ..... quite a few mistakes this time - reinforcing the fact that there's only one Edge ! Saw this twice at Manchester and then again at Croke Park ...... counting down to Dublin soon.
  10. First few bars of I'll Go Crazy now uploaded......
  11. Just watched your vids - keep posting - specially after you've watched the show in Milan. Have a great time. I'm going to Dublin on 24th and 25th ....... can't wait !
  12. Just added No Line On The Horizon to the list .......
  13. Thanks for the nice comment. Hope you get to see the 360 tour somewhere - here's a picture of when Bono took a balloon off the girl stood next to me....... it was her birthday ......... http://www.rob.davidson.dsl.pipex.com/u2/mcr_bono_2.jpg
  14. Any hoo, I said I like to play along - I'm 38 years old and hardly likely to become 1,000,000% better, develop an original sound and break into the musicindustry !! No need to be so precious over Edge's sound !!
  15. Been a fan for 20 years and started learning the electric guitar a few months ago so that I could play along to some of my favourite tunes. Currently posted: I Will Follow and Electric Co http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=8CDA14F7FDD7AA43 Take a look, rate and comment too please ! Got tickets for 2 nights at Dublin ........ can't wait. Rob
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