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  1. I'm so confused....I already did the "set-up" and got a code the first time around...then I got an email saying that because I complained about technical difficulties with the pre-sale I would get first dibs on these new dates. But then I went on the website and it said registration for the resale ended on Friday. Well - I didn't register because I registered the first time around??? So I have NO IDEA if I'll get to participate in this presale. I did not use my code last time - so I'm hoping that code is still valid and a new code won't be issued (which I amy miss out on because I didn't k
  2. Agreed! I was late getting to the presale and now there are only $300 upper seats left....I refuse to pay that. This may be the first tour I miss since 1992
  3. Turns out my workplace service just SUCKS!!! I got the email as I drove out of the parking lot of work about 2 1/2 hours after pre-sale began. I guess I work in a dead zone. I could get email thru my work computer but not a text......
  4. I live in NY too and have yet to get my code! Presale starts in 5 minutes!
  5. Glad you are happy! my pre-sale starts in 6 minutes and I haven't gotten my code yet!
  6. Hi there - I want to see them at MSG but June 25 is not the best date for me - June 26 or 27th would be perfect though. Has anyone waited....and gone for a 2nd show in a city after the original pre-sale? What do I do.....let the general on sale sell out for the June 25th show and then they will add another show? A little nervous about this because I don't want to get shut out....but wondering if because less subscribers will be buying for 2nd show I may get better seats or GA too? Any thoughts??
  7. Lot D for GA opens at 10 a.m. Check stadium website.
  8. I called MetLife today....I have GA and seats on same card. They said my friends have to stand in GA line with me, then after I go in I hand off my credit card and ID to my friend - and then my friend has to leave line and go in another entrance for seats.
  9. I just called MetLife Stadium - I have two tickets CC entry for GA, and 2 tickets CC entry for seats on the same card. For other shows I've seen them post that there was a "ticket resolution" window for this problem.....I called MetLife Stadium today and they basically said my friends taking my 2 seats - have to wait in the GA line with me. I enter thru the GA line and then I have to hand them my CC and ID and then they go thru the regular line. It's such bullshit.....we are not traveling together after the show. So after the show I have to weed thru 60,000 people to get my CC and ID back.
  10. Hi - I have 4 tix to June 28 East Rutherford....2 GA, and 2 seats ( because system was so screwy on resale day this is what I ended up with.) My "friend" who was supposed to take the seats went and got 2 better seats thru the Lumineers pre-sale...not a big deal I thought because although my CC entry tickets said they were non-transferrable....they didn't say I couldn't sell them. And there is a "sell" button on my order. So two days ago I went to sell them - only to find out I can't sell CC entry tickets. I've tried everything with Ticketmaster - requesting a refund, change of deliv
  11. I bought them during the Red Hill Presale...so its been more than 24 hours.
  12. I have two GAs, but ended up with seats in Section 229 for my friend. She ended up getting better seats thru the Lumineers presale....so now I'm stuck with 2 seats in 229 and unless two friends want to pay me $260 and stand in the GA line with me to enter on my credit card....I have no way to get my money back. There doesn't seem to be a way to sell Credit Card entry tickets? Anyone have any advice? So not happy right now.....just want my money back.
  13. I was at the second taping of Letterman Monday night, which will air Friday. They played "Get on Your Boots!" And even though I haven't been a huge fan of the single...they ROCKED the house. I think as Bono once put it..."It's like landing a jet engine in your living room." They blew in, rocked and left. It was over before I knew what happened...makes me VERY excited for the new tour!
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