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  1. I wanted to start a topic so we as fans can give feedback to those lucky enough to get a Desire show on Sirius XM. I want a place I can reach out to people after I hear their show! Desire has been my favorite thing about U2 X-Radio. I LOVE hearing the fan stories and you guys are killing it with the personal stories and connection to U2 songs. So I'll start - Anna from Montreal (if you are out there) - Hello - you've met Bono more than once? And the story about your students was amazing!
  2. I'm so confused....I already did the "set-up" and got a code the first time around...then I got an email saying that because I complained about technical difficulties with the pre-sale I would get first dibs on these new dates. But then I went on the website and it said registration for the resale ended on Friday. Well - I didn't register because I registered the first time around??? So I have NO IDEA if I'll get to participate in this presale. I did not use my code last time - so I'm hoping that code is still valid and a new code won't be issued (which I amy miss out on because I didn't know I had to reregister by Friday).
  3. Agreed! I was late getting to the presale and now there are only $300 upper seats left....I refuse to pay that. This may be the first tour I miss since 1992
  4. Turns out my workplace service just SUCKS!!! I got the email as I drove out of the parking lot of work about 2 1/2 hours after pre-sale began. I guess I work in a dead zone. I could get email thru my work computer but not a text......
  5. I live in NY too and have yet to get my code! Presale starts in 5 minutes!
  6. Glad you are happy! my pre-sale starts in 6 minutes and I haven't gotten my code yet!
  7. Hi there - I want to see them at MSG but June 25 is not the best date for me - June 26 or 27th would be perfect though. Has anyone waited....and gone for a 2nd show in a city after the original pre-sale? What do I do.....let the general on sale sell out for the June 25th show and then they will add another show? A little nervous about this because I don't want to get shut out....but wondering if because less subscribers will be buying for 2nd show I may get better seats or GA too? Any thoughts??
  8. Lot D for GA opens at 10 a.m. Check stadium website.
  9. I called MetLife today....I have GA and seats on same card. They said my friends have to stand in GA line with me, then after I go in I hand off my credit card and ID to my friend - and then my friend has to leave line and go in another entrance for seats.
  10. I just called MetLife Stadium - I have two tickets CC entry for GA, and 2 tickets CC entry for seats on the same card. For other shows I've seen them post that there was a "ticket resolution" window for this problem.....I called MetLife Stadium today and they basically said my friends taking my 2 seats - have to wait in the GA line with me. I enter thru the GA line and then I have to hand them my CC and ID and then they go thru the regular line. It's such bullshit.....we are not traveling together after the show. So after the show I have to weed thru 60,000 people to get my CC and ID back. Very pissed off about this while CC entry situation!
  11. Hi - I have 4 tix to June 28 East Rutherford....2 GA, and 2 seats ( because system was so screwy on resale day this is what I ended up with.) My "friend" who was supposed to take the seats went and got 2 better seats thru the Lumineers pre-sale...not a big deal I thought because although my CC entry tickets said they were non-transferrable....they didn't say I couldn't sell them. And there is a "sell" button on my order. So two days ago I went to sell them - only to find out I can't sell CC entry tickets. I've tried everything with Ticketmaster - requesting a refund, change of delivery, being able to sell them....they said NO. And the most recent representative cited specifically its the FAN CLUB tickets that cannot be resold and are CC entry. Soooooooo - my question is....who can I complain to - to make my voice heard? Is there a way to write the Fan Club? It is so absolutely ridiculous to have this credit card entry....I mean if something so simple as many of us "longtime" fans are in our 40s or 50s and if something comes up (i.e. the babysitter cancels) you can't just give them to a friend who is DYING to go. Any ideas? Or maybe someone at MetLife Stadium? TicketMaster keeps saying "the venue won't let them." Any advice? Thanks!
  12. I bought them during the Red Hill Presale...so its been more than 24 hours.
  13. I have two GAs, but ended up with seats in Section 229 for my friend. She ended up getting better seats thru the Lumineers presale....so now I'm stuck with 2 seats in 229 and unless two friends want to pay me $260 and stand in the GA line with me to enter on my credit card....I have no way to get my money back. There doesn't seem to be a way to sell Credit Card entry tickets? Anyone have any advice? So not happy right now.....just want my money back.
  14. I was at the second taping of Letterman Monday night, which will air Friday. They played "Get on Your Boots!" And even though I haven't been a huge fan of the single...they ROCKED the house. I think as Bono once put it..."It's like landing a jet engine in your living room." They blew in, rocked and left. It was over before I knew what happened...makes me VERY excited for the new tour!
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