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  1. I was more wondering if they add shows to this leg of the tour will there be presales for the added shows, not necessary a second leg of the tour later in the year. Last time Boston started as 1 show if I recall, but they played 3. Could be wrong. Again, using Boston as an example, they have 3 days before and 3 days after in which they could add shows. In the past, whenever they have played at the Boston Garden they have played multiple shows.
  2. Does anyone recall as shows were added if there were corresponding fan presales for these shows? I can't remember how it worked last time there were multiple shows as I always used my code for the first show and got GA. Never had to worry about other shows being announced. If more dates are announced and they have another innocence/experience presale for the added shows, that would solve a lot of the backlash.
  3. Actually ticketmaster lists general onsale and "verified fan" presale as going on at the same time. Not sure what the difference is, but they are listed separately fwiw
  4. Thanks....but since anyone can do it without a subscription to u2.com, it is basically like a general onsale, right?
  5. What is this additional verified presale happening on 11/20 that everyone is talking about?
  6. Code is only giving me access to VIP seats...aka $650 seats and not innoncence presale seats.
  7. Can someone please explain how this works for those with GA? Do you wait in line and get a wristband or something and then get to leave and come back? Or are you in line at 8am and have to sit there until doors open? I want to be close, but I don't necessarily care about being along the rail. Totally fine being 8-10 people back from a good area of the stage. Just wondering what time to get in there. Thanks.
  8. The GA tickets I got through my wire presale for Boston appear to be actual tickets. They gave me shipping delivery options and I am paying for shipping, so I assume they are shipping me physical tickets.
  9. @cinmell, keep trying. I got 4 GA's to Foxborough about 20 minutes ago.
  10. I will reiterate to keep trying. I just got 4 GA floor tickets to Boston using my Wire presale code
  11. I'm bitter too, but I blame ticketmaster as it took my code as invalid. When you sign up for the membership it does specifically state that tickets are not guaranteed. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they announce more dates and we can use our codes then.
  12. I definitely entered it into the right place as the box opens in the firefox browser asking for the code. I know that I did not enter it wrong because I had it copied and pasted. I also checked it so many times I have the code memorized by now. And it eventually took it at 9:05, but as I already mentioned everything was long gone by then. Same goes for the iPad and my droid. Hoping they announce another show and I can use my code for that now that it is working. Otherwise, I will not be seeing them this go around. I refuse to pay scalpers.
  13. Same thing happened to me for the Boston show as I reported in this thread http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/34317-wow-this-stinkssec-300s-only-seconds-into-boston-presale/. I eventually got in, but it did not work on my PC laptop, my droid phone or my ipad (app) for the first 5 minutes of the presale. Finally at 9:05 it accepted it. Everything at that point was sold out.
  14. You got better than I did. I kept getting that my code was invalid even though I checked it multiple times. Finally it accepted it at 9:05 and of course everything was gone. Guess I will not be going to see them this time around.
  15. Can anyone tell me if they are still showing Red Zone tix as available for the Foxboro (MA) show? I'd appreciate it.
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