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  1. Fantastic as always only watched dvd recently but on the iPhone it’s a different experience and simply stunning! The greatest live band ever !
  2. Read earlier DVD is being released soon and will be on TV In next few weeks, not sure what TV, whether UK or USA. It is the Berlin concert, so the last of the tour. Very exciting as want to relive last year again.
  3. I always listen to U2 when things are crap, it really does help, doesn’t change things from being crap but does lift me inside to help me battle on.
  4. Totally agree, always thought the album was right up there but live the songs have become even stronger. The fact I didn’t miss any JT songs is testament to SOE and hearing Zoo Station and WGRYWHorses was sublime. The mix of Get out of your own way into New Years Day really worked too.....fantastic shows.
  5. What a couple of nights, last night seats, tonight red zone, they seemed to love it tonight and crowd were up for it too. Fantastic show
  6. Well they arrived and wow what a couple of nights, yet again they show the world how to put on a show .......fantastic! Only disappointment no Red Flag Day but everything else was just fabulous!
  7. Haven't received London 1 yet but looked on my TM account and says they are dispatching now, so therefore think we should have next in 48 hours, is getting a bit tight now, as I travel up on Monday next week, so only have 4 working days left to arrive now. Not panicking yet but will be come Thursday if still not here. Have to say normally receive U2 tickets months and months before the event, don't think it has eve been literally the week before.
  8. Left me feeling quite choked watching the footage. Pray he gets well soon so we get to see the show but his health is what comes first. Get well soon Bono.
  9. Mon the Biff ! Biffy Clyro Only band who have resonated with me in a similar way to U2 ! Love REM, The Cult and Stone Roses too but Biffy just have something more personable about them and like U2 they are awesome live.
  10. U2 have never hidden behind their beliefs, they have always said and done what they think sometimes for the best and sometimes not. Doubt Macphisto will hold back on Brexit if he doesn’t like it ?
  11. Trouble is these days that we get to see the set list before we see the show, whereas 20 years ago we didn’t. So now people think the set list is boring before they start whereas in fact it isn’t boring and is a fantastic show. I remember thinking the innocence tour set list looked weak but wow was I wrong when we got there the way it all entwined together. Just hope I get to see Red Flag Day and Gloria at the London gigs. Finger crossed.
  12. Well 12 weeks on and I am still loving the album so much so that I have been revisiting albums as well and playing them before listening to SOE. So far listened to NLOTH, Zooropa, October, Unforgettable Fire and War and watched Under a blood red sky and Joshua Tree 2017Croke Park from YouTube! Fantastic stuff and still really enjoying SOE.
  13. Bono has always been a little bit awkward in his opinion and you think sometimes, why did you say that and I certainly don’t agree with him on a fair few occasions BUT when you see him live or on some chat shows in recent years he comes across as a very humble person. I Can see how he does/can annoy people but that is what makes the man he is and he certainly does far more good than is attributed for. I have had on many occasions argued on his behalf to some of my mates saying their opinion of him is only based on how the media portray him and when you see him perform it shows a totally different side of him. I remember the Milton Keynes Bowl gig in 1985 when the electronics went wrong at the start of Bad, he just casually if a little awkwardly told some jokes and it was that moment I saw a very humble man who treated you as a mate down the pub would. Whatever his view is whether I agree or not I certainly respect him and find him very adhering. The politics have always been a part of U2 and I love the way they have stood by this even when it has brought them in many ways unfair criticism. i doubt there will ever be another band like U2 and I feel privileged to have grown up with them through my life, every step of the way.
  14. Not sure The Joshua Tree Tour is comparable, it was a rushed together tour but still wonderfully done. Compare it to The I & E tour which blew me away with its visual majesty, playing from inside the screen which I don’t believe anyband had done before. U2 have always set down the markers on live performance, whether that be Coldplay, Muse etc, great bands but U2 did it first with Zoo TV and then again 360 and then again with I & E.
  15. I don't dislike Coldplay and fix you is a song i have very fond feelings for but i do find them a little annoying generally, like i do Ed Sheeran. To me they set out to emulate U2 globally and did so but without the panache U2 did it with through the 80's and 90's. Coldplay and Ed are both hugely talented but i don't want to hear Ed with 10 songs in the Top 12 and to me this sums up the state of the music industry in the last 2 years. Coldplay will sell vast amounts as they are firstly, very well advertised, i haven't seen SOE advertised on TV at all?, where as Head full of Dreams, was tirelessly advertised in TV ads and still is, secondly they have become to me a Dinner Party band, rather like Keane did and Travis etc but with a little more success. U2 have had bad press, particularly over here in the UK pretty much from Day 1, the NME has always taken exception to them for whatever reason, think it became trendy to bash U2 back in the 80's and it has again since SOI was released because of the whole Apple download saga. Q magazine on the other hand has always supported them and to me given fair assessment of the music too.
  16. Sadly, downloading has seriously affected record/cd sales for all music and the charts mean nothing anymore. Rock will make a comeback at some point in the next few years, it always does. Playing live is now the main way Bands make money and is probably a lot to do with U2 touring 3 times in the last 5 years, especially as they are sadly coming to the end of their careers in next 5 - 10 or so years. U2 are probably weirdly more popular globally than they have ever been but less so in the UK as music fans here are a little bit snobby for some reason but thats why i love this band, they just do their thing. People claim they are too political now but they have always been political as we the fans know and understand, i suppose social media just gives people a louder voice these days.
  17. Free gifts have never particularly worried me, there have often been delays over the years but they have ALWAYS turned up eventually. No point popping at the mods on here they don't organize the deliveries :-)
  18. Agree UF assessment it isn’t their best album but it is my favourite and probably their most important as it was the prequel to JT and AB and Zooropa too in many ways. Opening notes to Sort of Homecoming always send a tingle through me when I put it on, I can remember putting it on my turntable that first time lying back and being transported to another time, another place ?
  19. Yes the latter I feel NLOTH has a similar feel to UF did, it took me back to it when I first listened. A bit like Red Flag Day takes me back to War.
  20. Hello, just so you know i didn't make the comments, i think somehow i replied to someone else with their quote and my name now links to their quote . For the record i absolutely love SOE and whilst not to the same level as JT and AB, it for me is their best work (most consistent) since POP, alongside NLOTH.
  21. Absolutely, Magnificent should have been the lead single and pretty sure album would have done better than it did. That being said NLOTH was a brilliant album and to me their best work since POP until SOE. Album was more in tune with The Unforgettable Fire than any other album had been, probably why I loved it as UF is my favourite album. Loved the tie up with the films too which gave it an even deeper feel to it. Was well received with music press too, think Q gave it 5 stars but didn’t sell as well as expected. Would love to hear it get some exposure again on the tour next year.
  22. POP to me is extremely underrated and if I remember rightly got very good critical acclaim from the magazines. It takes all sorts though as MOFO and Gone are 2 of my favourite songs off the album. i don’t see SOE as up there with the 2 Classics but it is certainly a great album and very strong throughout. I still play from start to finish which is very unusual these days as I normally skip tracks.
  23. Brilliant summary Bucko, similar to you have been watching the band since 1983 and we always use to get the best available tickets but this all changed on the Vertigo Tour for me, when the best seats started to be held back for whatever reason. I bought GOLD seat tickets at O2 and am in Block 110, this after having Red Zone tickets but being unable to purchase them, so all allocated GAs we’re gone by the time this had all happened. still love the band and I genuinely think SOE is the best all round album since Pop but I no longer feel special as a fan anymore. I have always through the years said to colleagues who asked why I love the band so much, that it was, apart from great music, because they acknowledge the fans and seem genuinely humble towards us. I certainly think Paul McGuinness was a major part of looking after and valuing the fans and it was a sad day for me when he said goodbye. I know it’s the way of the world now and you get what you pay for but having to pay £500 plus per ticket to get the best available seats is very very sad to me. Fan club members should get the selection of the best tickets at sensible pricing, probably the Gold pricing structure and not these VIP packages. I have been fortunate to get GAs last 4 tours but due to my wife being unwell this year, we went for Red Zone initially as we could turn up late but still be near the front but for some reason having been allotted the tickets couldn’t process the order. i am grateful we have got tickets again to see the boys, as I know some haven’t yet but I no longer feel special or valued, which to me is another very sad day, 35 years on from the first time I saw them.
  24. Agreed best work since AB, still don't skip tracks, Red Flag Day, Little Things and Lights of Home are absolute classic tracks which will still be strong in 20 years time, aka One, Streets, Pride, WOWY etc.
  25. Loved Light of Home on BBC too great live songs ! The album is still staying strong to me definitely their best work in many years, not a filler on it !
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