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  1. I bought 2 GA tickets for a buddy and me on the day tickets went on sale. My order shows the tickets in section GA2. Then, a few weeks ago, I bought another GA ticket for my girlfriend because her work trip got cancelled. That order shows the ticket in section GA13. I have already seen this show a few times and GA was all the same. Have any of you heard if Arrowhead is doing something weird and sectioning the GA area into different zones? I hope they aren't because my girlfriend is going to be pissed if she has to stand at the back on her own.
  2. I am in Kansas City and got my letter on Tuesday. Talk about great marketing...Send a letter to longtime fans who only live in the path of the eclipse for your new single titled Blackout. The stars would have to align to pull off a marketing plan like that.
  3. I am so excited for U2 to come to my hometown (Kansas City) for the first time in 20 years. But I already used my Red Hill Group presale code for other shows thinking they weren't coming here so I can't participate in today's presale. I am praying that there is still one GA ticket left on Monday. That's all I need. So if you guys could not buy all the tickets that would be great. Just save me one!! THANKS!!!
  4. I got this e-mail regarding entry: Hi Live Fan, Friendly reminder, your credit card is your ticket for: U2 Soldier Field Saturday, June 3, 7pm Just show the credit card used for the purchase and a photo ID at the entrance and you're in. If you purchased General Admission tickets, you will want to enter Gate Zero (0) which has been set aside for credit card entry and wrist banding. Also, if you bought tickets for friends, everybody must enter together (tickets can't be transferred to other credit cards). Have Fun! Questions? Please reply to this ema
  5. Take the Red line or an Uber to get there. After the show is where it will get interesting. I have seen them at Soldier Field before and leaving was like being in a herd of cattle for over an hour. We all just shuffled out and spilled into the streets. We walked for blocks and blocks until the crowds had thinned out. At that point we were able to hail a cab.
  6. I was at a show in Minnesota for the 360 Tour and it poured the entire time. They had these special covers that came out and shielded their gear from the rain. They never once stopped playing. Not 1 person left. The energy was incredible. They even had fun with it singing verses from Purple Rain and Singing In The Rain. Yes everyone was soaked to the bone but it was one of the best shows I have seen them do. Just bring a dry bag or a ziplock for your phone and wallet and have the mindset before hand that you will get soaked and you will have an amazing time.
  7. OMG! Ticketmaster lied to me! I just got lucky...4 GA tix in Chicago. What a fiasco. I can now get back to work. Looks like a lot of you are getting them now. They must have fixed it.
  8. I just got off the phone with a TM rep and she said that all of the GA tickets for today have been sold. She said that most of them are being held back for the general public sale date. I asked if I could use my presale code for tomorrow and she said no. It is only good for today. She said that we might get lucky if someone's credit card gets declined then those tickets will become available to buy again.
  9. I have cleared my cache. Gone incognito. Tried Chrome browser on computer and phone. Also tried the TM app on my phone. No GA tickets available. Just tickets in the 400 section. Any other ideas? Has anyone actually been able to purchase GA tickets in Chicago?
  10. I have been trying since 9:00 on the dot. No GA available. What's going on???
  11. I get why they do credit card entry and am glad they do but I still wish there was some way to get a physical ticket after the show. For me it's a great souvenir that I keep with the set list from that show and brings back great memories every time I look at them all. It just isn't as special holding onto the credit card receipt as a keepsake instead of an actual ticket. Anyone else feel the same way?
  12. Looks like you can. This is directly from the FAQ page for the tour.... Q - How Many Tickets can I buy? What is the ticket limit? A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets for any show or combination of shows (for example you can purchase 2 tickets for a show in New York and 2 tickets for a show in San Francisco, or 1 ticket for New York, 1 ticket for San Francisco, 1 ticket for London and 1 ticket for Rome.)
  13. From past experience, whenever U2 did a big stadium show (360 tour) we were allocated 4 tickets with our membership and could split them once. So 2 and 2. I was able to use my code to purchase 2 tickets at Soldier Field and then 2 tickets at the Rose Bowl. It did not let me purchase 1 ticket at four different shows. ( I tried!) Then for the smaller, more intimate arena shows (IE tour) they allowed us to purchase 2 tickets with our code but you couldn't split them. From looking at the different venues this tour appears to be a big arena show so hopefully they will stick to their formula and all
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