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  1. was super clean/easy for me to get the 2 RZ in the experience group. Also: at the bottom of the evenko presale page (where you click to select what tickets you want) there was the option to switch to the english language site That said, looks like ALL the RZ were gone in the presales - looked today to see if i could snag 2 more but no chance.
  2. Purchased 2 in the experience group. Thought I would try today to see if I could get 2 more for RZ in the verified fan sale - but even when I got into the evenko pre-sale queue it was telling me RZ was sold out (which seems to be the case) Interesting they sold ALL the RZ in the .com subscriber presale......(Can't blame them for selling to the biggest fans first but...thought they usually kept some back)
  3. I assume someone has already replied to this BUT there is a difference between teh VERIFIED SUBSCRIBER presale (Which all of us u2.com members are part of) and the verified FAN presale (Which anyone can sign up for) the latter was supposed to be the lottery that you may/may not get a code for (had to register for each show, etc, etc) the former was not.
  4. Also first time using evenko.ca as opposed to the usual TM. That said, I was impressed. It worked very smoothly and I was in and got my 2 in RZ no problem (also FCA). I like how the evenko receipt breaks down the GA price ($76) and shows the extra for the RZ ($315). (I was a little worried because i had also clicked open another window when i was checking out how things would work, so had a second window focused on GA tickets....which i also got offered and turned back) Anyway, good excuse to head back to MTL (has been almost 20 years since I've been there....sigh.)
  5. soooo....................anyone remotely excited for this yet or what?
  6. Anyone know if all the shows for RZ in NA Leg are 'will call' for tickets? If so, can we pick up the passes before the show and then leave or is pick them up and wait in line? I didn't do RZ on E+I, but did on 360. Don't recall exactly how it worked.....
  7. yeah, that was nuts. I also grabbed 2 GAs via the app at exactly 10 but by 10:05 it was basically done for pairs. (as of 10:25 I can still find the odd single, but no pairs, anywhere)
  8. I had the same reason for Exit (still one of the most powerful performances in that movie) BUT....excellent point on Red Hill.
  9. Do it! I double dog dare ya! If you do I'll ditch the Popmart shirt in favour for some 80's cargo pants, a Sonny Crockett blazer and this Rattle & Hum flag worn as a cape ! Will have to think about my wife's outfit...maybe some pastel leg warmers, big hair and HUGE glasses. I used to have that T-Shirt. sadly, that did not survive into adulthood. Still, I second the comment about 'ill fitting' stuff from back then. Even my popmart shirt - whoever thought 'baggy t-shirts' was a good look???
  10. wo-hoo! first timers! .....which totally makes the desire to hear streets easy to understand. and when the red screen comes up....you'll know what to do. Seconded. I've used this a number of times; works great. ....just make sure you have the right credit card with you!
  11. Funny how that happens On 360 tour I saw them in Toronto, Vancouver, the 'Chuck and Chicago and thought Deadmonton (damn, you stole all my nicknames) was the least amped up crowd. By contrast, Chicago was far and away the most nuts (and we were actually in the stands on that one) But, yeah, by many accounts the Edmonton shows were crazy strong on that tour - maybe it was a 'first time here' kind of thing? Well, at least someone else who hates the Canucks will be there at the show with me... I had to pause for a second when I saw 'both shows' (wait, did I miss a second Vancouver show announcement???) ...then I figured it out.
  12. I actually wore my popmart shirt (purchased in Edmonton, '97) last night as a 'good luck' omen for the presale this morning. Maybe I'll wear mine to the show so there will be a couple of us old f-----ers in the crowd, eh? And, yeah, Red Hill will be great too. I am a bit of 2 minds about these 'nostalgia/anniversary' tours that so many bands are doing. BUT, I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it when the Hip did Fully Completely a few years back and I'd be struck by lightning lying if I didn't say that seeing this whole album live won't be a big deal for me. (While I was a big fan even then, at age 11 and living in Saskatoon I was just a little too young to catch JT tour the first time around so have always felt it was missing from my own experiences....)
  13. $350 CDN. So, in USD, that is like $7.34 And, as of an hour or so ago (so like 90+ minutes after RH presale opened, there were lots of tickets available left from our presale so there should still be lots available for Hill tomorrow) Miami to Vancouver - that is a long travel for the show....
  14. Ok, purely to start something under this topic, why don't we start a little discussion about those who will be attending this show. 3 easy questions: - Where are you from? - where are your seats? - How many U2 shows is this for you? - Song on JT you most want to hear? My answers: - from YYC - RZ tickets (thanks TM app!) - I believe this will be 12 or 13. ........and tough one (and its my own question) But my vote is gonna be exit.
  15. ? I got the RZ tickets I wanted on my ipone app right away but, even 10 minutes later, could still find plenty of GA and lower bowl tickets on the website. even right now (10:36 PST or 96 minutes after it started) I can find a whoooole bunch all over the stadium.... (I just tried and got 2 seats in Section 206 for $100 each) ???? keep trying man.... edit: just saw you are in wires. well, as I said, if there are still so many left after 90 minutes of the Red Hill group there will certainly be some for wires tomorrow. My advice is: use the iphone app. connects more smoothly. good luck.
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