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  1. was super clean/easy for me to get the 2 RZ in the experience group. Also: at the bottom of the evenko presale page (where you click to select what tickets you want) there was the option to switch to the english language site That said, looks like ALL the RZ were gone in the presales - looked today to see if i could snag 2 more but no chance.
  2. Purchased 2 in the experience group. Thought I would try today to see if I could get 2 more for RZ in the verified fan sale - but even when I got into the evenko pre-sale queue it was telling me RZ was sold out (which seems to be the case) Interesting they sold ALL the RZ in the .com subscriber presale......(Can't blame them for selling to the biggest fans first but...thought they usually kept some back)
  3. I assume someone has already replied to this BUT there is a difference between teh VERIFIED SUBSCRIBER presale (Which all of us u2.com members are part of) and the verified FAN presale (Which anyone can sign up for) the latter was supposed to be the lottery that you may/may not get a code for (had to register for each show, etc, etc) the former was not.
  4. Also first time using evenko.ca as opposed to the usual TM. That said, I was impressed. It worked very smoothly and I was in and got my 2 in RZ no problem (also FCA). I like how the evenko receipt breaks down the GA price ($76) and shows the extra for the RZ ($315). (I was a little worried because i had also clicked open another window when i was checking out how things would work, so had a second window focused on GA tickets....which i also got offered and turned back) Anyway, good excuse to head back to MTL (has been almost 20 years since I've been there....sigh.)
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