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  1. Actually, I think it does make it clear - it says explicitly that completing setup "does not mean you have been verified nor does it guarantee participation in the presale." I think the only ambiguity that language allows is whether the lack of a guarantee is due to the fact that (a) it's a lottery; or (b) the fact that some accounts will be tagged as scalper accounts and thus won't be verified. Now, with the new language about it not being a lottery, we have our iron-clad answer that it's about (b) and not (a). I never contacted U2.com or TM about it, but if some U2.com folks told people that it was a lottery, then I think they were being imprecise - they simply meant to say that it's not a guarantee (that is, you might get tagged as a scalper). If they described that type of uncertainty as a "lottery," then that's pretty sloppy and imprecise. U2 and TM ought to have their crap straight in describing their system. Sherry's post earlier seemed to imply that the U2.com presale was being run by TM and thus was subject to the same "lottery-style" terms, and that U2.com just didn't include that language on their site. But it's clear now that that's not the case. I think what happened is that the customer service in response to FAQ's must have been confusing. Like I've said before - whoever at Live Nation and/or U2.com who writes up the description of the policies for fans needs to sit down and do a better job at articulating and communicating this stuff from the get-go. Quite aside from the merits of the policy itself - the clarity and consistency of communication has been horrendous, especially given how quickly these presales happen on the heels of the tour announcements. Oseary ought to consider having a 5-6 week buffer between announcing the tour and putting tickets onsale.
  2. I think this is the definitive answer on this now. It is not chosen by lottery. They could not have been any more explicit than that. What this means is that any snafus that have happened are a result of the system/algorithm wrongly identifying some folks as scalpers. In other words, being verified doesn't mean you're "verified as a non-scalper" - it simply means you've been verified as a subscribed U2.com member who's linked their account to Ticketmaster and is therefore eligible to be passed through the algorithm - in which case you WILL be given a code IF it doesn't identify you as a scalper. Of coursei, if it DOES identify you as a scalper, then you won't get a code, which is why they include the language about how being verified doesn't guarantee anything. Then only way I can imagine getting around this is if they (a) were to confirm before the presale date whether you'd be identified as a scalper or not; and/or (b) if they released some general guidelines/parameters of what to do (or not to do) to avoid being misidentified as a scalper. But of course, this might have the undesired effect of giving the scalpers enough information and mulligans to figure out by trial and error how to circumvent this new system. Just thinking out loud here, but one way the band could mitigate this problem to one degree or another is to quit trying to find the optimal equilibrium to keep demand at such a fever-pitch peak. They used to play 110-130 shows on a tour, now they're playing probably 70-something, if we use the 2015 I+E as a guide. Fewer shows only exacerbates this problem. It's fair enough if they don't want to tour as much anymore. I get that, but they do seem to spend a lot of time traveling around for other one-off shows, ceremonies and so forth - so maybe they could cut out all the overkill on the promotional one-offs and just play some more dates in more cities. The demand would still be high, but the pressure on fans to be able to see a show would be more analogous to years past, rather than trying to scramble against bots and scalpers for one of 33 or so North American dates in small venues. Just a thought.
  3. Thanks for the response Sherry. But I've another point of confusion: your comment seems to have to do with whether or not system's methods at accurately identifying scalpers and bots (as well as not mis-identifying non-scalpers AS scalpers) were effective. It's one thing to say that the system hurt some fans by identifying non-scalpers AS scalpers. But it's a distinct issue to claim that the system is inherently a lottery - *aside* from the effectiveness of the algorithm. So, to be clear, let's hypothesize that the algorithm had worked *perfectly* during the presale. Are you saying that in that case - EVEN THEN, the system would have denied a presale code to some non-scalper, U2.com subscribers? In other words, it is just a numbers game - an actual lottery (as opposed to de facto lottery due to a faulty algorithm)? If some folks didn't get codes b/c the algorithm wrongly tagged them, that's horrible, but it's not the same thing as a lottery. My understanding of the variant language between TMVerified Fan and U2.com Subscriber Verified fan is that TM was a lottery (b/c they would likely be dealing with higher numbers, and could not give a code to everyone), whereas the U2.com Subscriber Presale was simply trying to weed out the scalpers who had bought U2.com subscriptions, and that they INTENDED to give a code to any subscriber NOT indentified that way. Do I have this wrong?
  4. I'm confused, is this really a true lottery system, or is it merely the algorithm trying to skim the scalpers and bots off the top? I listened to BigWave on the podcast and my understanding was that as long as the algorithm didn't have reason to identify you as a scalper, then you'd get a code. Now, I can still understand some complaints about the nuts and bolts of how to implement that - false positives by the algorithm and such. I'm not saying that's small potatoes. BUT, that is different than a true lottery system where it's truly random - i.e. simply an attempt to manage by numbers. Am I understanding this wrong? And even though Sherry's quote does include a reference to being randomly selected - that link is to the Ticketmaster VerifiedFan Presale, not the U2.com Verified Subscriber presale.
  5. I know nothing's official until it's official, but has there be any rumblings or indicators as to whether they filmed one for DVD release?
  6. What does everyone think about the possibility that they will add new dates or cities later on, I don't just mean additional shows following already scheduled shows in big cities like Chicago, LA, etc. but adding new locations, and/or an entirely new leg for North America later in the year. I mean, 15 cities is not very much - there are great swaths of the country no touched. I know no one knows for sure, but what are everyone's thoughts - is this going to bigger, or is this going to be an even smaller tour than I+E?
  7. Anybody know what this means? Once I complete all the steps on the Account Info page, will I have access to the U2.com Verified Subscriber presale? All subscribers who complete the required steps and are verified will be equally eligible to receive an invitation for the U2.com Subscriber Presale. What does that language "equally eligible to receive an invitation" for the presale mean? If we go through the steps, then isn't our access a certainty? This language makes it sound like some sort of lottery/random selection method. What exactly is gonna happen here - am I gonna wait for the email and SMS the night before and the morning of, and maybe not get it b/c I wasn't selected for some reason? Or am I reading too much into that? In any event, can't Live Nation hire some folks that write at least moderately well? They always put out crap like this.
  8. there's a difference, legally, between mistake and misrepresentation. I don't know the law in the UK, but in the U.S. you could never nail anyone with legal proceedings for false advertising or misrepresentation of a product unless it was being misrepresneted at the time of the offer. I'd be willing to bet that there are all kinds of contingency boilerplate info written into pre-sale order disclaimers, not to mention the distributors/producing company's contract with vendors like Amazon. You're right, it stinks, and they shouldn't have put it on the market until they knew that contingency was no longer possible. However, if they are refunding your money then that is about all they could ask given the circumstances. Besides, strictly speaking, if they added stuff to the Box Set, then if one wanted to make them "stick to their deal" then they'd have to send you what was originally going to be in the Box Set, not what is actually in it. Add to that the fact that that product technically doesn't exist, and you have another complicating factor. I think you'd only be likely to make headway with consumer rights organizations if there was some real scamming and intentional misleading going on here. This just seems like was just them changing their mind, not a bait and switch thing. I agree that they were a bit sloppy on the timing, though.
  9. I had always thought vinyl records were desirable simply because (if of a coveted album), they are bits of history b/c they're in the original format of the era in which the record was released. Now there's this fad of making new records in vinyl as collectibles. Isn't that a bit like if a factory started producing Ford Model T's again for collectors? I mean, sure they'd be worth something, and would be a collector's novelty, but it's not like an original model T. It's a bit odd I think. To each his own I guess, but I wonder if many folks are into this type of thing.
  10. Just out of curiosty, does anyone know how the screen used for the outdoor Vertigo shows compares in size to the Popmart screen? I think I remember readin the Popmart screen was 50 tall by 150 feet wide. Although I don't know what the 50 feet tall referred to - that is, 50 feet in the middle of the screen, or at the right side (remember it was shorter on the left than the right, it tapered down from right to left). I went to 2 Popmart shows but the Vertigo shows I went to were all indoors. From videos and pics it looks to me like the Vertigo screen was probably about as tall but not as long. Anyone know the dimensions?
  11. I recently discovered and fell in love with this remix of Mysterious Ways, first noticing a clip of it in the Popmart DVD (one of the extra features - a visual of the tour- had a clip of it). Does anyone know if there's a way to get a copy of it other than tracking down a copy of Melon?
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