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  1. Actually, I think it does make it clear - it says explicitly that completing setup "does not mean you have been verified nor does it guarantee participation in the presale." I think the only ambiguity that language allows is whether the lack of a guarantee is due to the fact that (a) it's a lottery; or (b) the fact that some accounts will be tagged as scalper accounts and thus won't be verified. Now, with the new language about it not being a lottery, we have our iron-clad answer that it's about (b) and not (a). I never contacted U2.com or TM about it, but if some U2.com folks told peop
  2. I think this is the definitive answer on this now. It is not chosen by lottery. They could not have been any more explicit than that. What this means is that any snafus that have happened are a result of the system/algorithm wrongly identifying some folks as scalpers. In other words, being verified doesn't mean you're "verified as a non-scalper" - it simply means you've been verified as a subscribed U2.com member who's linked their account to Ticketmaster and is therefore eligible to be passed through the algorithm - in which case you WILL be given a code IF it doesn't identify you as a
  3. Thanks for the response Sherry. But I've another point of confusion: your comment seems to have to do with whether or not system's methods at accurately identifying scalpers and bots (as well as not mis-identifying non-scalpers AS scalpers) were effective. It's one thing to say that the system hurt some fans by identifying non-scalpers AS scalpers. But it's a distinct issue to claim that the system is inherently a lottery - *aside* from the effectiveness of the algorithm. So, to be clear, let's hypothesize that the algorithm had worked *perfectly* during the presale. Are you saying tha
  4. I'm confused, is this really a true lottery system, or is it merely the algorithm trying to skim the scalpers and bots off the top? I listened to BigWave on the podcast and my understanding was that as long as the algorithm didn't have reason to identify you as a scalper, then you'd get a code. Now, I can still understand some complaints about the nuts and bolts of how to implement that - false positives by the algorithm and such. I'm not saying that's small potatoes. BUT, that is different than a true lottery system where it's truly random - i.e. simply an attempt to manage by numbers.
  5. I know nothing's official until it's official, but has there be any rumblings or indicators as to whether they filmed one for DVD release?
  6. What does everyone think about the possibility that they will add new dates or cities later on, I don't just mean additional shows following already scheduled shows in big cities like Chicago, LA, etc. but adding new locations, and/or an entirely new leg for North America later in the year. I mean, 15 cities is not very much - there are great swaths of the country no touched. I know no one knows for sure, but what are everyone's thoughts - is this going to bigger, or is this going to be an even smaller tour than I+E?
  7. Anybody know what this means? Once I complete all the steps on the Account Info page, will I have access to the U2.com Verified Subscriber presale? All subscribers who complete the required steps and are verified will be equally eligible to receive an invitation for the U2.com Subscriber Presale. What does that language "equally eligible to receive an invitation" for the presale mean? If we go through the steps, then isn't our access a certainty? This language makes it sound like some sort of lottery/random selection method. What exactly is gonna happen here - am I gonna wait f
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