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  1. Count me as another person who is very disappointed with the gift. I have no use for vinyl. The last two sets have been given to a friend who loves U2 and does love vinyl. He loved it. In exchanged, I didn't even get WAV or Lossless? That is crazy. The bigger problem is the actual content. 2 lousy remixes and a decent remix of Desire I already have? Rattle & Hum remixes? I might actually be less interested in this than Duals. This is making me really upset that I never got the Rarities gift. Somehow managed to miss that one because my subscription date was November at that time
  2. I'm so happy we have a ticket exchange for this tour! Just asked to join that club. Two weeks ago I got booked for a gig in another city the exact same night as my Vegas show. Sigh. Cannot even do the other Vegas show, now. Can't give up this gig. Alas. Will be hoping U2 comes back around to Vegas/Phoenix/LA after the Europe leg. I'd hate to miss a tour.
  3. The Tour info here on U2.com very clearly states that everyone who buys a ticket to the concert will get the album for free. However, those of us who purchased tickets to shows not handled through Ticketmaster are not getting any information about this. Do we not get the album if we bought through AXS? This wasn't communicated on the main Tour page. And the prices for the tickets was the same. If we do not get the album then I want to be refunded around $12 of my ticket price. Copied from the Tour page: Every ticket purchased will include one (1) copy of U2’s new album,
  4. Was able to get mine today for the Saturday show, no problem with the Experience presale. Really expensive this time around. Ouch. Still have to figure out where I am going to stay. Still holding out hope that U2 will announce a Phoenix date. Would prefer to save the travel expenses and stay in town. But, I've seen U2 in Vegas a few times before, so I am used to it by now.
  5. I would like to know that too. I didn't see any information about how to register for AXS verification
  6. The prices are definitely what deterred me. I got the Verified Fan code for LA but $300+ for an upper level seat is completely ridiculous. That's a different city! I can pay $100. I'd pay $150 in my own city. But I can't pay $300 for upper level in a city I'd have to travel to!
  7. I am finding this whole process incredibly confusing. The steps involved are not transparent enough and are not described clearly, either on Ticketmaster's page or here on U2.com. Because there was no date announced in my city, I didn't register for the initial presales. But, then I got spooked and did register for Verified Fan for the LA show. That was bonkers though. I logged in immediately at 10am and the only tickets available were behind the stage or $300+. The Vegas show told me the "public" onsale was really not "public". You had to have a code for that. Why is it called a "public
  8. Really hoping they add a Phoenix date. There are some gaps in the schedule around LA and Vegas. Phoenix wasn't added until really late for JT tour. U2 definitely sold out two shows here for I&E. Wondering if I should make an attempt at LA public sale? Could always sell them back if a Phoenix date opened.
  9. Hello! So far there isn't a tour date announced in Phoenix, which is where I would need to see U2 this year. My subscription to U2.com was expiring this month, so I just renewed. Don't want to buy tickets in the sales this week. My question now is: If U2 announces a date in Phoenix later, will the Verified process work the same? Everyone gets two weeks ahead of the presale to get Verified? I'm wondering this because I didn't bother to do this two weeks ago since I wasn't going to buy tickets this week. I did complete the process tonight after I renewed my subscription. The Verified s
  10. The unofficial fan lines are really starting to be a problem. I knew about the one at Rose Bowl 1 because I "know" the people on Twitter. The problem is that if you don't know the right people, you will not know this is the policy. All the event information sent out by the venue and by the band give one set of clear instructions. So fans mostly follow those instructions. It is unfair to allow select people to make up their own set of line rules without publicizing it to ALL the GA ticketholders. It has to be an official venue policy or nothing. It has to be something known and available t
  11. I'm going! Let me know what you found out about the ticket bundles. I hate when they announce the date and then the presale is the next day. I'm actually on vacation in Europe. When I finally got somewhere with WiFi and saw the email notification it was early this morning, Europe time. All my friends in Phoenix were asleep. And the 10am presale started at 7pm here, a time when I was booked to an event out of the hotel and away from WiFi. It was a PAIN trying to coordinate this with friends who were 9 hours behind me, when I could only access the internet on WiFi! Whatever! U2 is
  12. Great post! I have queued up for GA at UoP stadium for 360 tour. Hopefully it will be in the shade. I won't be doing GA this time, as I just did it at Rose Bowl 1, and my buddy wants actual seats. But, the GA for 360 was reasonably well organized. If the line is in the sun, though, please take the tips about the heat seriously. Bring umbrellas or some for of shade with you. And water, water, water. I live very close to the stadium, so if anyone needs any tips please let me know.
  13. For this particular tour, I went to the B stage and had a great spot. Showed up at Rose Bowl 1 around noon. Was about 4-5 rows back from the B Stage. Fantastic spot. Made even better when, bizarrely, several people in front of me left after the Joshua Tree songs ended. So, for the encore set I was about 2-3 rows back instead. This spot allowed me to see the band up close when they played the B stage, which was great since they sometimes weren't projected on their massive screen when playing on the B stage. It also allowed me to take in the entire visual presentation of the main JT set wit
  14. I really hope they bring this back! I loved hearing it at LA 1. Fantastic to hear this live!
  15. This setlist seems very carefully curated on a thematic level. I am not sure how much they'd be willing to play with the emotional story that it is telling. So, while I don't really need to hear SBS or Pride again, I do see the point they are making in that setlist order. Would be happy to replace one or both with a different song, though. I like having NYD back in the set. I will strongly go to bat for the inclusion of Beautiful Day and Elevation. I find that part of the encore set to be extremely powerful. Those two songs provide a level of catharsis after the Joshua Tree songs. Those a
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