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  1. Not to make a frenzie ... Just checked Aer Fungus web flights that Weekend have doubled already with a few seats left on the cheaper options. Around £170 for Friday/Monday flights. Everyone on the bang wagon...
  2. RZ not worth it... Most of the U2 family friends get the best seats tickets on the side of stage. For the money RZ is not value for money in my opionion
  3. Ticket prices are a bit expensive for Dublin. Red zone over 300 euros each. Prices are up on Ticketmaster U.K. Twickenham slighty less but expensive. Probably just look at an old U2 Joshua dvd... can beat the origional!!
  4. lanham_s

    Ticket Limits

    I remember that one.Larry wrote a letter of apology to us all..
  5. For those of you that in the waiting room for ages. With nothing happening Log out and start again on U2 tour page. Got mine in red zone. Went very smoothly Thank you U2. Love u.
  6. It's all a waiting game
  7. I wonder if U2 have something up there sleave. Probably having a giggle. Maybe we are getting free giveaway tickets!
  8. Just checked No codes in England as yet. Sounds like another outsourcing cock up!
  9. I'm sure last time the 360 tour there was a whole lot of problems with resale codes. In the end I think they extended the pre-sale to help fans. They have been very good in past. I Remember the codes were hacked on the Vertigo tour and Larry Jr. sent a letter to fans on website apologising and a had Big dig at the hackers. For the fans effected U2 were very good to us and we were offered extra shows in North America with presale codes. Nice touch. So I'm sure No one will be disappointed
  10. Told a friend who's a member she did not now. Would be nice if U2.com done a email alert or text to mobile to notify its fans.? No excuse they have all our details and the technology there.
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