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  1. all things worked out just fine for this happy fan. two tickets general admission SORTED for Long Island on the 8th. or 6th, whateve it is. code came this morning in an 8 am text and worked perfectly for this INNOCENCE member perfectly
  2. my spresale code was texted to me this morning at 8am, a few hours before the presale, just like it stated on the page. it all worked out for this long time fan. SEE YOU ALL IN LONG ISLAND
  3. GA for Long Island came up right away this morning for this Innocence member. I thought they would all have been taken up yeasterday, but there they were in my basket at 10.01 am. My text code came in morning around 8am, and worked just fine. i didnt try for any other shows as i bought to for the Nassau Coliseum show, and thats the limit. SEE YOU IN LONG ISLAND!!!!!]
  4. secured two GA for Long Island within one minute of logging in today with the Innocence group presale. my code came over my text at 8 am this morning. . vowed to do a different venue this time, so no Boston NYC or New Jersey. LONG ISLAND here we come. not to far a drive from central Connecticut at all.
  5. ONE. Just can't afford more. The eigth night. SOLO Section 112 row 5. So very E stage. Also Doing the last two nights in Boston. After 34 years and 69 shows I'm very much looking forward to my first complete EVENING WITH U2.
  6. It's the deluxe cd just on vinyl. Invisible included
  7. Got one for each Boston show. Took TWO hours, but I got em. I'm a paid up member. See you in BAHSTAHN.
  8. I asked if they plan on stitching TOMORROW into their live sets along side IRIS. We really need to hear TOMORROW live again.
  9. SONGS OF EXPERIENCE!!!! I've never been more PROUD to be a tried and true U2 FANATIK!!!!!!!!! From that first time seeing them during that snowstorm in December of 1981 at the west Hartford Ballroom, In Connecticut. 67 shows later, It's only getting BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU. U 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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