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  1. Well Bono, the big 5 0h hit you big time didn't it ;-) I hope you'll be back on your feet soon.
  2. Just after the 360 tour was announced I ordered a shirt. I wanted to wear it at the Amsterdam show which at that moment was over 8 months away. After endless reminders (and many promises that the shirt was going to be shipped soon) I decided to cancel the order and bought a shirt at the gig. Last year (Sept '09) I renewed my subscription and also ordered a shirt. Guess what.. Still haven't received it yet. The complimentary CD of U2 Remixes.... Haven't got it yet!! I've ordered all kinds of articles from all over the world (books/dvd's/clothing/shoes) and they've arrived without any problems. Why can't the Fanshop of the Nr. 1 Band in the World manage that??
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