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  1. I give up . 30 years propaganda,online member didn't receive a code or home concert???. As I said War on Drugs at barras for £25 Is far cheaper than the membership to this mess and a lot more enjoyable . ??
  2. No presale code for experience member ???? . 

  3. Unhappy fans over 2017 gift . Just imagine we get the presale problems the US had ????
  4. 31st December 2017 . 2017 subscription gift . I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For . ??
  5. Sorry but a bit lost here. I don't want to sign up to ticketmaster US. And now I've read too late to sign up for presale. Come on I've been Experience group for years and my subscription runs till February next year. What is going on for the European leg. Plus still not received gift from last year's subscription. Too many questions not enough answers
  6. Subscribe to 2018 ??My sub goes to Feb 18. And I'm still waiting on sub gift for 2017. This is poor 30 years of subscription this must be the worst yet. TIME TO GO I'M RUNNING OUT OF CHANGE ??
  7. When will these prints be sent? ? Seems common practice over the last few subscriptions they come half way through it.
  8. Band of Skulls. George Ezra. Both would be good for UK. Maybe even Zola Jesus a bit like pj Harvey.
  9. 2 for Saturday Glasgow very good pre sale. Only 11months to go:-D
  10. hi i have 2 weeks left on my subscription . i click on the link to renew i get so far then i end up in Live Nation . will this be a problem for the pre sale . been a member for 20+ years please can you help Neil
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