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  1. No member of U2 has a right to have thoughts on this subject as none of them are Scottish or live in Scotland...come to think about it only 2 of them are actually irish. YESSSSSSSSSSS.
  2. If new singles are to be issued on digital format I for 1 will not be buying them when there are so many free to download sites online.
  3. Or you can download it from youtube using youtube downloader? also available as MP3 from....various sites.
  4. At last Some great stuff on this new album, also some so so, run of the mill filler tracks Many of the tracks sound rough and not quite finished Looking forward to buying the album on CD format and getting the forthcoming singles on CD (hopefully)
  5. There was also a cassette issue of this but may have been a re-issue. Has been heavily bootlegged and passed as genuine much like "melon" which is often seen on offer in CD case format and even 12" format. Nice article by the way.
  6. Hi folks Not much going on around here these days really so can anyone tell me if U2 have an Official website for fans where we can talk directly with any or all members of the band from time to time? Or somewhere we can win signed goodies by the band members? Chance to meet the band? Buy merchandise signed by the band? Anything? Thanks in advance
  7. "These guys are from England and who gives a shit" Casey Kasem Negativeland
  8. OK OK there is no news but just a quick hello and how you doing to all the members who thought it wise to pay $50 for another years paid membership. No input or participation from any member of U2 No free gifts apart from a book none of us really wanted to begin with No exclusive news No fan club only music No signed items of any kind No "meet the band" Nothing really worth handing over our hard earned cash for if you are honest Even the die hard members seem to have given up on the site Even the videos link to Youtube which is free
  9. $50 for a book and subscription? If we actually got anything worth having then fair enuff but the site offers nothing new far as I can see The band do not take part in anything within the site No special offers No goodies No signed items No competitions Just news cut and pasted from other sites on the net (even the song links take us to youtube) Thank you but NO Wake me up when anything worth looking at or listening to happens
  10. While we sit waiting for a new U2 album or a decent single can we expect a live album, DVD, remix album, demo album or ANYTHING? To be honest the days of standing in line waiting to get my hands on the latest album or single have passed when it comes to U2 and I shall be downloading before I spend money on anything from now on.
  11. Just how much longer do we have to wait before you finish and release the forthcoming album? In the time it has taken doing so you could have built several schools, hospitals or tower blocks. If the new material is worth the wait I will be amazed to be honest and I predict it will have 11-12 tracks made up of more cryptic, meaningless waffle that say nothing about anything important. As for the new singles recently issued "Ordinary day" & "Invisible" what on earth??? Little more than lightweight, cheesy pop tunes fit for children Same old guitar riffs...twang twang
  12. How long?

    1. Anjana


      is a piece of string?

    2. pain_18_


      I'm putting my money on 2015 or never...

    3. pain_18_


      Much Longer than the longest long wait Evah !!!!

  13. Oh come on U2 We are talking about an album that will be 60-70 minutes long. You could have built several hospitals, schools or tower blocks in the time used up making album. If ordinary love & Invisible are typical of the tracks on the too long awaited album then it's going to be a massive let down once again and U2 will sell even fewer albums than the last offering. The sound on the last 2 singles are shockingly bad and little more than cheesy lightweight pop tunes.
  14. Yeah they issued it....on DVD but nothing on audio CD which is what the majority of U2 fans actually collect in the really real world.
  15. Good idea but U2 or anyone working for them will never have a live CD from the 360 tour because it would make toooooo much sense doing this and could actually shift a few million albums if made available in high streets stores. Can't have Bono and the boys doing well in the charts or keeping U2 fans happy can they?
  16. U2 have just finished the most successful live rock tour in the history of music making them the biggest selling, record breaking, stadium filling Band of all time, well we all know that But Why on earth has Nobody including their Record Company, Producers, Manager or in fact Anyone who is meant to be looking after U2 and seeing they are doing well and shifting Albums thinking "Hey maybe this could be the perfect time to release a Live Album from the 360 Tour"??? I just don't understand why U2 still have these people on the payroll Yeah I know the latest CD offering from U2.com is
  17. @Daltonsisters Yeah Danny and Brian did indeed "help carve out sound after sound" but maybe to the point where U2 lost their own sound and became puppets in the hands of these producers. Maybe. Anyone who has ever been to a U2 concert would have been blown away by the Live sound and sheer power of Larry's drums, Adam's thunderous base and The Edge's screaming, hypnotic Guitar but none of this ever, ever shows up in a U2 studio album...we have the producers to thank for this. Time to let U2's sound engineers have a go at producing at least one U2 album and keeping that big, raw,
  18. Fact is...in 2011 it's easier and free in most cases simply to download full albums on various sites meaning official unit sales will be down by Millions and Millions. If The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby had been released today in 2011 the sales would be pitiful and the official sales figures rendered meaningless when it comes to showing just how many people have U2 albums in their collections.
  19. Yeah Jack's version is incredible...best thing on the album maybe? Glasvegas??? less said about that the better...
  20. Seems like everywhere I look I'm seeing Bono telling anyone who will listen that The Joshua Tree tour and anything to do with Rattle and Hum was a disaster and a total let down for U2 and their fans. I first noticed this in that pretty awful Docu-film "From The Sky Down" aired on the BBC some weeks back Without going into detail it seems Bono has began to not only listen to but to believe the shit and pish spouted by the people who hate U2 even though I suspect many of them have never actually heard a U2 album in their short lives. Rattle and Hum actually sold 14 Million copies and was i
  21. Why is it that I found out more about what the full track/item listings of the forthcoming Achtung Baby deluxe set and all it's bonus CDs is going to be from sellers on ebay rather than be told here on U2's Official website??? WHY???
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54nkPjOA5eE Opening scene from The worst witch....look familiar? Just an amazing coincidence or what?
  23. Was browsing online and came across this little article....all about some kid who goes to a school for witches and learns magic along with all the other would-be witches, has encounters with her teachers, headmaster and things that go bump in the night blah blah blah Not Harry Potter as you may have thought but "The Worst Witch" written by Jill Murphy in 1974 and several other books in the series then made into a TV series some years later along with a film. For those of you wondering where Young Potter goes next....The worst witch went to university after outgrowing School Hmmm there's
  24. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Achtung-Baby-U2-Uber-Deluxe-Box-Set-LIMITED-EDITION-RARE-/320766559651?pt=Music_CDs&hash=item4aa I got someone brighter than me to add the linkypoo This link is for item/track details only and not in any way an advert for the seller...you seen the asking price????
  25. Well that would be OK...something new at least. Can someone put a link up for that ebay thingy please.
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