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  1. Yes I think you are right. The confusion though doesn't do any good for my stress levels....and it's only Monday
  2. I was told this morning that the album pre-sale code I have from my SoE purchase on U2.com is not valid for the Dublin pre-sale, see below: Thanks for contacting U2.com Fan Support; I will be more than happy to assist you with this. I do apologize but the only codes that can be used are from the fan club experience and innocence group! If you have anymore questions or concerns please contact us back via email or our customer service line at 855-867-5297! Have a great day! Sincerely, Olivia U2.com Fan Support So frustrating!!!
  3. In the email I received with my ticket pre-sale code for purchasing the album from U2.com, it states: I was hoping to use this code to purchase tickets for Dublin. Anyone know if this code will be valid to use when the Dublin shows are announced or is it strictly for use only within the stated window of Monday - Wednesday Jan 22nd - 24th? Thanks
  4. 12th December and still no sign of my vinyl pre-ordered on Nov 1st. According to Live Nation it's my fault for not ordering express shipping!
  5. No email, no tracking, just a shipping date of Nov 1st which I think is when I ordered the album.
  6. Yes I got it too. Looks like it's from Live Nation, has anyone clicked on the link?
  7. I got lucky too but nowhere to redeem my code!
  8. It's a nod to the original JT Tour. The Waterboys Whole of the Moon was played before John Lennon's cover of Stand by Me as the intro on the European leg of the 1987 Joshua Tree tour.
  9. Hi, I have two Pitch 2 tickets that I'm looking to swap for two seated tickets. Would prefer seats in either the Cusack or Hogan lower stands if possible. Want to bring my 10 year old son and don't think GA will be suitable for him. Thanks
  10. I have two Pitch 2 tickets. Are you interested in a straight swap?
  11. I was at the "Dream it all up again show" in Dublin in 1989. As a 15 year old I didn't realise at the time the significance of what Bono was saying. They were great shows and truly were the end of an era......and also the beginning of something really special.
  12. I got two tickets for Twickenham and I live in Rep of Ireland. There was an option to post to Ireland.
  13. I had asked promoters MCD whether those with Pitch 1 tickets will be able to get access to the enclosed area in front of the stage. They got back and confirmed what Ticketmaster already tweeted last week in relation to this: "Thanks for your email. There is a set capacity between the two areas, and there is no movement between the two areas. This has been outlined in the booking process"
  14. I bought Dublin GA tickets in the pre-sale. I don't have the "Sell" button option, however the tickets will be mailed out so I guess that makes them resellable if I wanted to sell.
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