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  1. Calm down people, we've all been here before, this is what we've been told, 1. Europe dates announced in Jan 2018 2. Paid subscription members will get a code for first pre sale,.1- Experience members then 2-Innocent members. 3. If you don't use your code for U.S. dates then you can buy international tickets with it in 2018. Verified or not, if you got a code, it will work 4. Pre order the album cd before end of November to get a code for 3rd pre sale sent to you in January 2018 5. Listen carefully! No purchase is required to get a cd code! Read the terms and conditions, if you follow the link a code will be sent for free. 6. Recent past tours have been mainly ticketless for arenas and paper tickets for studium, probably due to crowd numbers and logistics 7. Chillax mofo's
  2. And just remember people, Red zone tickets in the past have not required a code in the pre-sale, this may have been a TM glitch, but you could click on the drop down box, highlight Red Zone and you were in!
  3. Any other queues or wristbands been given out? I'm here at D and very few people ?
  4. Back of the field for me by the looks of it, I wont be arriving till 1pm, Time to take in the visuals for once.
  5. Sunday at Twickenham on u2 site, keep checking for sale times ..
  6. Hope the medical condition clears up
  7. Just keep checking official websites in the mornings, tickets for ga at o2 were available most days for all dates, just have to be lucky with timings.
  8. No 'van' there's just one ga q, your ok , they loaded us in the pens just before entry in front of gate 'f' , 6 lanes with card reader at front of each
  9. Sorry for being silly...but does this mean there are 6 lines instead of 1? I am about to leave and only just saw this.
  10. Just make sure your loaded into the credit card reader 'sheep pens' from left to right, and not in columns like Sunday, cause all six lanes open at the same time , enjoy
  11. Ga tickets for tonight on official axs site now
  12. On a lighter note, the show was amazing, you forget how close to the band you are in arena's ,the ga is only about 10 yards wide both sides of the runway so we stood against the back barrier in front of red zone , 10 feet in front of Adam , we had a perfect view of all the visuals above us, and no one pushing from behind. superb gig.
  13. Morning all, ill try and give a low down on last night, got to ga que at 2pm, around 150 in front of us, not much happens till 6pm so you can get drinks and food without a problem and rejoin the queue, the shitty bit was when you start to go in, the easiest way to explain last night is like a game of 'connect 4'. Imaging filling up the left hand column with discs (People), but 50 high! Then fill column 2, then three, the person at the bottom of column 2 is the 51st disc, when all 6 are full, pull the bar on the bottom, and hey presto, person 1,51,101,151, 201 all go in at same time! Phew! Hope it's sorted for tonight .
  14. Everyone goes in thro entrance 'f' but before it, to scan your c/card, your put into six 50 ft pens, see previous post for rest
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