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  1. Just decided to fly out, visit parents and see U2. NEED GAS FOR NY 5/6/7/8
  3. Need GA's (2 each but I'll start with singles) for Barcelona 1 and 2. Face value only. Coming from Los Angeles. thank you in advance
  4. One ticket section 116, row 3. FACE VALUE $270.00
  5. jaimearodriguez wrote: I have 2 extra GA ´s for thursday 9/24. Email me if interested : jaimerodriguezmedia@gmail.com I just emailed you
  6. Sionainne wrote: hi all, california u2 fan here, bought plane tickets to see u2 on friday the 25th in new jersey, now can't because of the reschedule. so, anyone want to buy my 2 GA tix for the 9/23 rescheduled show in new jersey? email me at: sherber711@sbcglobal.net if you're interested, am selling them for face value + ticketmaster charges. thanks! -sionainn I need 1. Just emailed you
  7. MustangDave wrote: I have 1 GA for sale for Thursday 9/24. Selling for face value plus ticketmaster charges. If interested email me at mustangdave08@yahoo.com I emailed you as well. May be too late but let me know. Can Paypal $ asap
  8. row 17, need 1 GA for NY2 or Vegas. Or comparable seat for Vegas. thank you. Pls email cwantget@gmail.com
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