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  1. The crowds at Twickenham station were pretty insane after the shows in 2005 - we didn't manage to catch a train until after midnight. Can agree with that! My wife was proper panicking when we were stood near the front of an open train platform and thousands of people behind us, not to mention people properly packed those trains out. We only had to travel one stop before getting off for our hotel. This time we've booked a hotel 20 mins walk away.
  2. Hopefully, after the mess of last weeks presale and public sale for me, I'll be picking up four tickets for the 2nd show at Twickenham. I'd love GA, but we're planning on taking my 8 year old son to his first U2 concert, so instead we're looking at seats. As there's four of us, I'll struggle to justify the £100 tickets, so I'm aiming for the £78 seats. Anyone know where they are in the stadium? My wife has issues with height, so I'm really hoping they're not right at the top. Otherwise I'll just have to bite the bullet for the more expensive seats, or miss out.
  3. Damn, if only they were seated I'd have bitten your hands off! Good luck finding someone to exchange with.
  4. Wish I hadn't let mine lapse, but you have to prioritize sometimes. Yesterday was a nightmare for me, I'm in the wires group but could no way afford the tickets that were left for London last Thursday, so into the general sale I went with high hopes. How wrong I was. This was due to be my youngest son's first U2 gig, my 14 year old son's second show, and continued my streak that goes back 20 years. It wasn't so much that they sold so quick, but to see the legalised touting from Ticketmaster showing tickets for up to four times their price just rubbed salt into the wounds. So now I
  5. And yet straight away there's tickets on resellers sites for three or four times the price. I'm gutted, nothing in the presale, nothing today. Was hoping to take my 8 year old son to his first U2 gig, but instead it appears I'm missing out on my first U2 tour in 20 years. I know it's all about money, but there has to be a better way for true fans to get tickets.
  6. Same here. As presales go, this one sucked for me. Looking for 4 seated as we're taking our youngest to his first U2 gig, but nothing but £187+ tickets. No thanks, will try my luck on Monday, sigh.
  7. How do you know what the prices are already? I've been looking for the Twickenham prices but can't find them yet.
  8. Due to financial reasons I missed the presale and im hoping this isnt looking like the first U2 tour I'll miss since 1993. So if someone has a spare couple of GA tickets for any of the nights at the O2 for sale, I'll find a way of buying them from you. Thank you a thousand times in advance.
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