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  1. The Red Zone tix were well worth it. Yes, you can go back and forth between GA and RZ. The RZ bar closes just before the show starts. In DC, the band began at 8:30. Basically, you are escorted into the GA/RZ area before other GA ticket holders so you can get your place up close for the event. Pre-show, it means that one person holds the space while the other one goes to the RZ bar. Honestly, everyone is really cool. That is the beauty of U2 fans. If you are there early, RZ people just hang out together. It was my best U2 experience ever! Staying in RZ gives better views of the video screens. It is a matter of being 15 feet from the band, You cannot go wrong. If in RZ, Stay near the stage. GA was pretty wide open. I easily walked my son up to the far stage then back to our spots at the near stage.
  2. Thanks. Very helpful info. I will report my experience at this Sunday's show in DC. I needed a little bit more control than to have my teenage kids in GA, plus the price point between the 100-level seats and the cost of RZ was worth it to me. To date, my best seats have been GA for JT in 1987, and 7th row on the catwalk for PopMart, so I will be interested to see how this compares.
    I am ready for the show! As it is Father’s Day AND my husband’s birthday, I got four Red Zone tickets so that our teenage sons can enjoy the thrill with us: a bass-playing 16 year-old, and a music-crazed 13 year-old. For last year’s show in Philly, I wore my Unforgettable Fire T-shirt (some things one NEVER throws out). Haven’t decided which tour shirt to sport for this show. Decisions decisions.
  3. What are the Red Zone experiences like on the 2018 tour? Is their a benefit to arriving earlier? Is their a dedicated bar area? I am taking my spouse and kids to their first show. Welcome any and all comments. Saw the JT 2017 show in Philly and wore my T-shirt from the Unforgettable Fire tour. Some things definitely improve with age!
  4. U2 has become as filthy as third-party ticket sellers. Their homes on the French Riviera must carry a huge nut. Cry me a river. No reward for dedicated fans. They have everyone’s email. Using that to offer pre-sale seats at a reduced rate would have been a great step.
  5. In other news, it is so nice to see that the re-sellers were prevented from buying tickets. **cough** Red Zone tix for DC are ONLY $1100-2300 a piece. 100 level seats for $900 and GA for $335. Maybe MANY “Verified” fans needed to pay their mortgages and sold their pre-sale codes???? Um, no. For the next tour, might pre-sales require fingerprints, retinal scans, kidneys?
  6. I agree. Then again, at the recent JT show in Philly, I wore my Unforgattable Fire tour shirt from 1984, so maybe my preferences have changed. For Red Zone, I am willing to stand. It seemed way better than typical GA. I’ve been nearly crushed in GA during the 1987 JT Tour, and al ost was throwing elbows at the PopMart Tour. Not sure why seats are $50-100 more expensive than they were during the JT show a few months ago. Inflation just is NOT that bad. The entire ticketing process for this tour was poorly handled. Then again, we’ve found reasons to complain about the pre-sale process for every tour. Announcing ticket and package pricing should have been offered ahead of time. Instead, the dedicated, subscription-paying fans frat get slapped with having to be verified, then the simultaneous “day-of” anxiety of receiving the pre-sale code, sticker shock when sales open, and within 90 seconds, weighing the value between paying a sane amount of money, versus opting for the wickedly priced seats. Honestly, two tickets cost half of what I am paying for my kid’s braces. WTF???
  7. No. For the DC show, Red Zone tickets are $391. Lower level side seats are $325. The 400 level seats are $175. i guess Bono and the boys are short on cash.
  8. I always have been able to get 4 tix for arena shows via pre-Sale and now I only can get 2? Why the heck?
  9. Moderator: i renewed my subscription. I also have a Citi card. Can I get access to both th fan and Citi card pre-sale options, or only to one? Does signing up for one cancel out the other?
  10. It is very interesting that in an effort to control bots and scalpers, we get the pleasure of paying $40 to re-up our subscription and going through a Secret Squirrel verification process yet the third-party sellers are already advertising tickets for purchase. Anyone care to explain?
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