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  1. I'm listening to the app and the ad about listening and calling in is still being played. I'm down with a last minute flight if necessary. I'm getting really good at managing work projects and taking business calls with music playing. ?
  2. I was in the car too. Was picking up my son from school... he gets in the car and starts telling me excitedly about who signed his yearbook and I'm listening to the app, and to him, just bopping along, and suddenly yell "wait a minute!" and we both cracked up because by this time the song is half over. I tried to call several times. Got a message that said the call couldn't go through at this time. ??? I have to laugh because this is my kind of luck and my son thought it was a riot. LOL!
  3. I've been listening to the app continuously this afternoon and did not hear it 10 mins ago.
  4. Been browsing these comments for a while, trying my luck too on the radio and elsewhere, and just want to say a big thank you to everyone here providing their insight. It's very helpful (and I'm having fun being hopeful!). ?
  5. I have a GA for June 3rd and would like to trade it for a GA on the 30th. Also happy to buy a GA for 30th if you have one for sale. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you. Regards, Jennifer
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