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  1. I was referring to the movie. I honestly love both the album and movie but it got panned.
  2. For me, this is a solid album. This is 2017 and I don't expect U2 matching glory days of JT, AB, etc. and thats ok with me. As I said before, Bruce will never make another "Born to Run", Stones will never make another "Exile", etc. U2 has made mistakes in their 40 year history (R&H movie, Releasing POP prematurely which is still a great album, and lets not forget the free upload of SOI to iTunes disaster) but they always seem to learn from them. This album proves it in my opinion.
  3. I wish I could. Sorry. If something changes, I will reach out
  4. I am from the area so pretty familiar with that site. You are right, not user friendly
  5. Got 4 GA for Philly. Why 4 for Citi and 2 for Fan club. Doesn't make sense.
  6. Thank you to whomever got my experience code sent to me a couple of hours ago. I know all the good seats are gone but I am hoping to use this code for shows that they add in Philly or NYC. Does anyone know if unused codes will work for additional dates that will be added in the U.S.?
  7. Wow, that doesn't sound right but who knows with this Sh*tstorm we have went through today, anything is possible. I hope they send you a code. Good Luck. Hope they send me one as well but doubtful. I already got "Sorry, but you are not getting a code because TM sucks" email.
  8. They could get cancelled. I would go back and check in a week or so. I hope not and good for you for at least getting a code. I am a long term member myself and I got squat.
  9. if you filter out the VIP Packages you will notice there are a ton of Experience presale tickets
  10. Agree 100%. U2 signed off on this regardless what others might say.
  11. What a F-ing Joke!!!. So many tickets left but I can't get a code. So pissed off I can't even see straight
  12. Thanks for the kind words. I have seen every tour since Unforgettable Fire and this is first time that U2.com/propaganda has let me down. Now, they decide to have TIcketmaster confirm who is a fan. So disappointed in the band for going down this route. Hopefully I can get lucky at the public sale.
  13. Honestly who knows. I was received a "congrats" email and went to bed happy and then woke up and saw "We screwed up but your not getting a code" email. I hope it works out for you.
  14. Exactly, I know getting a code doesn't guarantee you tickets. But long term fans should have at least gotten a code. This is all Ticketmaster. Now wait later today and look on Stub Hub and I guarantee you will see hundred of tickets for sale. Complete scam!!!
  15. Exactly, Ticketmaster is in control....and that is the problem
  16. Me too. I have gone to hundreds of shows in my lifetime so I have purchased tickets to other shows for me and friends. Its a complete scam. Wait to see Stub Hub later today, there will be a ton of tickets on that site.
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