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  1. 28 minutes ago, unforgettableu2 said:

    I love Rattle and Hum....it was a ballsy Record.....Full of experimenting.....exploring.....and paying homage to the musical greats that paved the way for them....

    I thought the gospel version of Still haven't found.....so extraordinary....breaking down racial barriers and giving credit to the origins of rock music.

    All I want is You has got to be one of the most perfect songs ever written by U2. I Love risk taking U2....art for art sake......Rattle and hum was so punk rock....really. Pop was ahead of it's time.....sounds modern to this day. Mofo.....is an autobiography of Bono...torn between himself, God and his stage face/persona. These records seem more sincere.....true to themselves/vision.....

    Now....they are trying to hard. Who cares if this current generation doesn't appreciate them....they should put on their punk rock pants and say f**k off....because nothing of this new musical generation will sustain a 40 year career, not even close. I believe U2 is the first of their kind.....they have outlasted any Rock band/star in history....

    Stones are merited by name only.....not through reinventing themselves from pioneering Talent.

    I was referring to the movie.  I honestly love both the album and movie but it got panned.  

  2. For me, this is a solid album. This is 2017 and I don't expect U2 matching glory days of JT, AB, etc. and thats ok with me.  As I said before, Bruce will never make another "Born to Run", Stones will never make another "Exile", etc.  U2 has made mistakes in their 40 year history (R&H movie, Releasing POP prematurely which is still a great album, and lets not forget the free upload of SOI to iTunes disaster) but they always seem to learn from them.  This album proves it in my opinion.  

  3. Thank you to whomever got my experience code sent to me a couple of hours ago.  I know all the good seats are gone but I am hoping to use this code for shows that they add in Philly or NYC.  Does anyone know if unused codes will work for additional dates that will be added in the U.S.?



  4. 5 minutes ago, annemarie_pisano said:

    am Innocence group and I just called customer support for U2.com and they told me that emails to both Experience and Innocence groups went out last night and they cannot resend... kind of freaking out, too, since I didn't get an email. They said I should wait until tomorrow to see "if" I get a resale code. (If - YIKES11) When I asked what I should do if I don't get a presale code, the customer service rep told me to call back and they would refund my membership fee... but what I want is tickets!!

    Wow, that doesn't sound right but who knows with this Sh*tstorm we have went through today, anything is possible.  I hope they send you a code.  Good Luck.  Hope they send me one as well but doubtful.  I already got "Sorry, but you are not getting a code because TM sucks" email.  

  5. 4 minutes ago, james busick said:

    So you bitch and moan about 4 coveted GA and 2 RZ tickets when others are getting nothing.  You better hope the fact that you bought 6 tickets doesn't get all of them cancelled.

    They could get cancelled.  I would go back and check in a week or so.  I hope not and good for you for at least getting a code.  I am a long term member myself and I got squat.  

  6. 1 minute ago, bgans said:

    Talk to the people, like me, who got completely shut out of Springsteen on Broadway and the Harry Potter Play. Yes, the band sets the broad range/cap on ticket prices, and given the size/spectacle aspect to U2 shows, their ticket prices will be much higher than the stripped down set of a Springsteen show, simply to cover their much higher production costs. And yes, absolutely, there is also a profit motive in there, too.

    The debacle that is TicketMaster's Verified Fan system is entirely on TM. Their secret sauce for determining who gets access to purchase tickets is a disaster. U2 should not have signed on to that, after seeing the hash they made out of the Springsteen on Broadway sale and the Harry Potter Play sale.

    Agree 100%.  U2 signed off on this regardless what others might say.  

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  7. 5 minutes ago, KEV ANGELL said:

    I feel so so sorry for every single genuine U2 fan who is experiencing this today. I can only hope this situation is sorted out for the Euro shows but feel genuinely disappointed by what I am watching happen today.

    i have attended every tour since 1982 and always got tickets through the U2 fan club but don’t think I have ever witnessed such a situation before.

    Feel so sorry for all that have been messed about today. 





    Thanks for the kind words.  I have seen every tour since Unforgettable Fire and this is first time that U2.com/propaganda has let me down.  Now, they decide to have TIcketmaster confirm who is a fan.  So disappointed in the band for going down this route.  Hopefully I can get lucky at the public sale.  

  8. 1 minute ago, mariana_rielli said:

    I know my presale is tomorrow, i was just under the impression that the verification emails that you guys are having trouble with would be sent at the same time. But I get It now, thank you. 

    Honestly who knows.  I was received a "congrats" email and went to bed happy and then woke up and saw "We screwed up but your not getting a code" email.  I hope it works out for you.  

  9. 1 minute ago, jamesb said:

    If this is the case, goodbye to U2.com. I have been a fan since the early 80s and have spent $1000's on them. This is absolutely not acceptable.

    Exactly, I know getting a code doesn't guarantee you tickets.  But long term fans should have at least gotten a code.  This is all Ticketmaster.  Now wait later today and look on Stub Hub and I guarantee you will see hundred of tickets for sale.  Complete scam!!!

  10. 1 minute ago, ErinGoBraless said:

    I also got the 'Not Eligible' email.  I sent messages to the 3 moderators (Mich40, Bigwave, Max Tsukino).  You can do that by finding a post from one of them then rolling over their name to send a message.  In the address bar of the message draft, you can type the names of the other 2 moderators and it will look them up like an address book so you can add them to the message.  

    What a crummy thing to wake up to when I was all excited going to bed last night!  I imagine this forum is about to go nuclear as the majority of the east coast starts to wake-up and get into email.  My concern is that the rejections are coming from Ticketmaster, not from U2.com.  In Ticketmaster's eye, I'm not a verified fan due to previous purchase history?  I have attended 10 shows over the last 2 tours.  I buy a lot of tickets for my husband, family and friends.  I travel to different states and sometimes different countries (Dublin 2015) to see U2.  I AM NOT A SCALPER!  I think I am the kind of fan that U2 wants to celebrate.  Why is Ticketmaster calling me part of the problem!  This Verified Fan program is going very poorly and I fear this is just the beginning.  U2 kinda blew it with the public with the free album on everyone's iPod.  Now they're going to blow it again by shutting out their most loyal fans from the presales.  I'm keeping faith that this will work out alright, but the clock is ticking and I'm not very optimistic. 

    Me too.  I have gone to hundreds of shows in my lifetime so I have purchased tickets to other shows for me and friends.  Its a complete scam.  Wait to see Stub Hub later today, there will be a ton of tickets on that site.  

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