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  1. That's a ridiculous argument. Nothing stopping subscribers who already have those CD's to sell on eBay so your argument makes no sense.
  2. Wouldn't it be great if subscribers could have the chance to purchase old subscription offer CD's. I would definitely buy the New Year's Eve 89 andZoo TV and Hasta La Vista CD's if given a chance. Don't see why they couldn't do that.
  3. realgonekid wrote: Did U2 ever officially release a live version of Wire? If not, does anyone know or have the nearest thing to it? Thanks Don't think so. There's a bootleg (soundboard no audience) recording on YouTube: And then there is bootleg (home video - average quality) also on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caECkQvLeHY It really bugs me how there is no official release of Unforgettable Fire era concerts apart from Bad and ASOH on the "Wide Awake in America" EP.
  4. JkJoshuaTree wrote: malaboo wrote: Acrobat...nuff said!! I asked Edge and he said it's "too hard to play live"...oh well. Maybe he's been practicing it. U2 are the only band I know who come out with the excuse that "it's too hard to play live". Bugs me, I have to say.
  5. khyber900 wrote: It was written and recorded during the Boy era. It was an A-side in Ireland if I recall correctly, but was never released except as a b-side later on in the UK and US. Thanks man.
  6. Don't know why this song isn't on the album. Would replace it for Boots any day.
  7. Does anybody know if it is iTunes or U2 themselves who decide if an individual track off an album is only available with (the dreaded) "Album Only".Sick of being ripped off. I have bought the album on CD and have no desire to pay for the full album so I can download the extras. And what gives with theAmericans getting the alt version of the NLOTH title track and not the Brits in the Deluxe edition.
  8. ChinoMexico wrote: Touch - This song rocked live when they played it back in the good old days. Is Touch a B-Side?
  9. Some great suggestions people. Basically any track from 2nd half of Joshua Tree will do. It totally rocks!!! Also would like to hear Gloria and 11 O ClockTick Tock.
  10. Duhon wrote: Im hearing the same bassline form The Fly/Ultraviolet/Lady with the Spinning Head on the title track from No Line, anyone else hearing that? Think there is any meaning to it or just a wink to the past? Yeah, defo hear The Fly in NLOTH and "The Unforgettable Fire" title track in FEZ-Being Born. These similarities spoil the album somewhat for me. Ithink they have deliberately made the title track have the same rhythm as The Fly and FEZ-Being Born sounds like "The Unforgettable Fire" title track- coincidentally referencing their two most experimental albums. The new album
  11. Sometimes I get sick of hearing Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Ratttle and Hum in every frickin concert. Here's a list of old songs I'd love tohear played. Also hating how they always seem to play "Beautiful Day" all the time now as well in promo appearances. Songs I'd like to see live are: A Sort of Homecoming Wire Hawkmoon 269 Acrobat Ultra Violet Red Hill Mining Town
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