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    Zoomerang tour, Melbourne Cricket Ground, November 13th, 1993
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    JT30 Chicago 1&2, Toronto
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    In the Ellipse for Vertigo tour Toronto #1, 2005
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    I became an Adam girl in 2005 after spending a show at his feet.
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    Manic Street Preachers!!!

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  1. Got my ticket! Saving one code use in case a Toronto show gets announced! Thanks all.
  2. I said, "Hi TM, re: U2 Innocence group pre-sale, I have not received my code for today's sale. My registered email is _____ and my registered phone number is ____. Thank you."
  3. What do you mean, post my code? I just sent a Tweet to the Mods with an explanation so you can RT that if you like!
  4. Issue now resolved - I sent a direct message to TicketMaster Canada on Twitter with my phone number and e-mail and they replied within 5 mins with my code. Yay!
  5. Thanks, I'm trying but can't get through yet. 23 mins and no code received.
  6. 17 minutes have passed since I got my text about Innocence group presale ending with "ACCESS CODE:"... and no follow-up message has been received. What the hell do I do now?
  7. Hey, I'm a little late here. Still recovering! My brother and I had GA numbers 40 and 34 in the original numbering so we were able to situate ourselves on the barrier in front of Adam. A couple short video clips: With Or Without You Exit
  8. Yes, the GA line numbers are going now. Go to Gate 6 and look for the Ted Rogers statue. I'm going to do the 3am to 6am shift tomorrow morning!
  9. I was one back from centre mic. Hand on the barrier for support, thanks to Mexican and Polish fans not getting fussy about that. -Streets video -In God's Country video
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