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  1. 23 minutes ago, kwaite said:

    I believe he meant your DM to TM- what exactly did you say for them to respond back positively and give you a code? 


    I said, "Hi TM, re: U2 Innocence group pre-sale, I have not received my code for today's sale. My registered email is _____ and my registered phone number is ____. Thank you."

  2. On 2017-6-19 at 10:03 PM, johnnysav said:

    Checkout The Hideout website or Elevation's website as their is a bus service after the U2 concert for $10 to the Hideout, cover charge and a pint of beer, all for $10 and in my mind, the best U2 tribute act around in Elevation!!

    This sounds great but no info on The Hideout or Elevation sites about a bus service. Elevation's website doesn't even list the gigs on the 22nd and 23rd...

  3. 19 hours ago, truenorthstrongnfree said:

    So, they don't want people lined up at the stadium before 10am. Any idea where the fan-organised line will be, now? Doesn't this just leave the door open for people to line up in several locations, all claiming to be the "official" line, leading to a great big mess at 10am?

    Despite the 10am official GA line-up, surely there will be a line starting off-property. Plenty of venues have this policy, like Chicago Soldiers Field two three weeks ago. We got our numbers from the fan-run line the day before then queued off-property earlier on show-day until the officially OKed time (which was 6am for Chicago). I guess the challenge is competing fan-lines. Yeah, I am a tad stressed. I took Thursday and Friday as vacation days since I have days to spare. 

  4. I was an absentminded fool who let her since-04 membership lapse, so I was in the lowly Boots echelon. No one to blame but myself! However, I was able to get 2GAs for Boston and 2 for Toronto 2 (also GA for Toronto1 thanks to my Horizon member brother). So, in the end, I wasn't punished for coming back to thefold late.


    I guess it can be about luck, sometimes, but preparation matters, too. I made sure I had access to high speed non-wifi internet and several computers so that Iwas refreshing TM through numerous browsers at great speed. A Boots level friend who was somewhat more casually looking for tickets via one browser on a laptopon a wireless connection found herself out of luck...

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