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  1. just checked and you can get GA tickets for San Jose without a code
  2. yeah, I just checked and there are still GA tickets available for San Jose. crazy!
  3. It might change from venue to venue but my order page for San Jose has the Transfer Tickets option (GA tickets)
  4. I had the countdown going on ticketmaster.com on my computer and when it got to zero it said presale starts in 24 hours...but I also had it going on the TM app on my phone and that worked. Got 2 GA tickets for SJ in under two minutes.
  5. Wow, in and out in under 2 minutes - scored 2 GA tickets for San Jose!
  6. I'm feeling a bit of the same - the San Jose show is a Monday night, I'm hoping they add a Sunday night show which would make things much easier coming from SF on the weekend vs weekday traffic.
  7. Oh, and it did get a bit crowded once U2 came out but never claustrophobic. Our plan was to watch the mini set and beginning of TJT then moving back to take it all in but we ended up staying where we were the whole time. Here's a pic in the daylight during Mumford so you can see approx how far we were from main stage
  8. I thought the sound was great and I really liked our spot - close enough to the B stage to see facial expressions but also nice and centered for the main stage portion with great views of the screens. Here's a pic of approx how close we were to the B stage (Adam was behind Bono and to the right a bit so seeing him was a bit tougher)
  9. Not sure how helpful this is but Wednesday night in Santa Clara we got inside the venue around 6:15pm and were pretty much right near where you want to be - a little back from the B stage, pretty much in the center
  10. Agreed, I loved hearing Little Things at Levi's Stadium. Honestly, it was a bit of a bummer to close on but I'd love to keep it in the same spot in the set, maybe just close the show with 40 after
  11. I paid $40 US for a Cure shirt two years ago, it seems as though the 'legacy' bands can charge more knowing people will pay for it.
  12. I've only seen one concert at the stadium (Coldplay) and from what I remember, entry wasn't that bad...though it wasn't CC entry which could muck things up quite a bit!
  13. I'd also love to see some pics of the merch!
  14. I ordered one of these off Amazon for the show at Levi's Stadium...should be the perfect size to throw a jacket, phone charger, etc. For $7.50 it was pretty much a no brainer, even if it only survives the one show! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010RBSAC6/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Has anyone seen a good pic of the merch available with prices? Thanks!
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