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  1. Same thing happened to me for St. Louis
  2. I hope they get it fixed for everyone. I am sure that I am stuck with my VIP tickets. I am thankful that I got tickets but would've preferred to get my normal pre-sale access seats.
  3. I went ahead and bought VIP before I realized there was a systemwide issue, so now I have tickets that are probably worse than when I would've been able to get through Red hill pre-sale but more expensive.
  4. Had exact same situation, all I could get were VIP packages to pull up
  5. Purchased two tickets for Chicago, tried to use my red Hill pre-sale code for St Louis and would only give me VIP access ticket options. Had to go online through chrome, the Ticketmaster app would pull up nothing. I ended up buying anyway because I was afraid something was wrong with my code. I guess I should've looked here first and realize that everyone else was having issues as well.
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