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  1. on 7/19 I arrived at 7 and had only one person in front of me and then the rail. great view for some of the show. on 7.31 I arrived at 530 waited online for 1 hour and got # 246,( didn't matter at that point) and got 2nd to person after rail on the e stage. great view and being close to the band for a large portion of the show. I am from new York an I noticed something even at previos shows. the ga ines are tame here.. you can arrive when doors open an still get a great spot. I arrived earlier on 7/31 since it was the last show and didn't want to take a chance. when I was at the meadowlands
  2. I watched it over the weekend, and I thought it was great!
  3. didnt realize you had 27,000 something views Leeny! Oh my!
  4. Excited to see the Mandela movie tonight! Cant wait for work to be over!

    1. Anjana


      Yey! Enjoy! ...report back!!

    2. deannamarieu2


      will do. I know its a looooooong movie 2.5 hours. Hope I can stay awake since I got up so early today LOL

  5. Excited for friday night.... whoo hoo dont even know what we are doing but it doesnt matter!

  6. Birthday dinner tonight for my daughter, Yumm

    1. Zhivvy


      Have a great evening and hope your daughter has a great birthday


    2. AnaSpanishEyes


      enjoy the dinner!

  7. today is date # 5 yea yea yea im happy todayyyyyyy!

    1. joe


      How did date # 5 go? When's the wedding and are we invited?

    2. deannamarieu2


      well I have to get to know him more, its only been a month. but if he is the one youre all invited LOL

    3. deannamarieu2


      went very well and hes a GREAT cook

  8. Life is good ..now when is the new album coming out!!!!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anjana


      2025 that's what's I'm hearing

    3. deannamarieu2


      3015 is more like it

    4. liljbau




      2025 ? plausible

  9. dont wanna work today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. dont wanna work today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Im back home....... New York.. I didnt really miss your traffic!!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. deannamarieu2


      they did. one is going to be waiting for me at 545 on the corner! LOL I guess will give him some chocolate! LOL

    3. liljbau


      yes , the bus drivers, doormen, male passersby, security guards, hotdog stand dudes , etc, etc :)

      WELCOME HOME !!!

    4. deannamarieu2


      Jim, you help my low self esteem very much. :) thanks!

  12. This time tomorrow I will be in Ireland! :)

    1. joe


      Have a great time and give Davcal a big, wet sloppy kiss for me.

    2. Leeny13


      I so wish I were going with you. Have a magnificent time, and give David a hug for me.

    3. Bohsman


      Ah no wonder we've had great weather over here!! Hope you enjoyed your stay!! Where you over for Adam's wedding? :-)

  13. This time tomorrow I will be in Ireland! :)

  14. neither joe. thats my sister with the dark hair and a friend of her friend! LOL
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