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  1. Big wave, I'm guessing this is a "no", but forgive me for asking... I was caught in the Red Zone "address" issue earlier. Had 3 RZ tickets in the basket but couldn't checkout. Bought 3 Cat 1 seats instead as I didn't want to miss out. Now the RZ issue is resolved, obviously I can't use my presale code again, but is there any way my tickets can be exchanged with me making an extra payment for the difference to secure the RZ tickets that I was denied buying earlier?! Thanks as always for the amazing mods support. Here's hoping!
  2. Same it's with Red Zone- couldn't get round the address issue. Went back in & bought print-at-home seats blk 113. So, happy, but could be more ecstatic! Oh, the stress!! Happy show everyone to those travelling from near & from very far!
  3. Firstly, thanks to the mods for all their efforts on the tout / ticket / verification process etc etc... I'm a UK subscriber who plans to get to a UK & Euro show but not planning this time around to go to the States. Original advice seemed to be to STILL complete the US Ticketmaster verification process, which I did (so I now have set-up complete on my U2.com account.) Advice now is clearly for UK / Euro fans to sit tight & wait for Euro tour announcement. But should I now disconnect my US Ticketmaster verification or is it better to leave it as it is. Thanks f
  4. So in 1987 I was a wide-eyed highly (iPad just tried to auto correct that to 'ugly', which was probably fair) 18 year old, already long-steeped in appreciation of U2. They stood for & shaped many of the views I held then & still hold close today. I caught 8 shows on that original Joshua Tree tour, including the World In Action tv special at Croke Park. And skipped many days work to get to the gigs. 30 years later & the passion for the band has yet to dim. Just wonderful to hear Trip Through...Exit and In God's Country played majestically again. And the true goosepump mom
  5. Beautiful day, beautiful night. Have the BEST time if you're going to any of the remaining dates this Summer/Fall. Being a bit rubbish with computery stuff, I'm not clever enough to redirect photos from the show to here. But if you go to my Twitter page, I've got afew uploaded. Loads more if anyone wants to see them. Just tell me & be my guest! Here's the link: twitter.com/DaddyGJ Thanks!
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