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  1. Big wave, I'm guessing this is a "no", but forgive me for asking... I was caught in the Red Zone "address" issue earlier. Had 3 RZ tickets in the basket but couldn't checkout. Bought 3 Cat 1 seats instead as I didn't want to miss out. Now the RZ issue is resolved, obviously I can't use my presale code again, but is there any way my tickets can be exchanged with me making an extra payment for the difference to secure the RZ tickets that I was denied buying earlier?! Thanks as always for the amazing mods support. Here's hoping!
  2. Same it's with Red Zone- couldn't get round the address issue. Went back in & bought print-at-home seats blk 113. So, happy, but could be more ecstatic! Oh, the stress!! Happy show everyone to those travelling from near & from very far!
  3. Firstly, thanks to the mods for all their efforts on the tout / ticket / verification process etc etc... I'm a UK subscriber who plans to get to a UK & Euro show but not planning this time around to go to the States. Original advice seemed to be to STILL complete the US Ticketmaster verification process, which I did (so I now have set-up complete on my U2.com account.) Advice now is clearly for UK / Euro fans to sit tight & wait for Euro tour announcement. But should I now disconnect my US Ticketmaster verification or is it better to leave it as it is. Thanks for the help / advice (I've tried U2.com but no reply as yet!!)
  4. So in 1987 I was a wide-eyed highly (iPad just tried to auto correct that to 'ugly', which was probably fair) 18 year old, already long-steeped in appreciation of U2. They stood for & shaped many of the views I held then & still hold close today. I caught 8 shows on that original Joshua Tree tour, including the World In Action tv special at Croke Park. And skipped many days work to get to the gigs. 30 years later & the passion for the band has yet to dim. Just wonderful to hear Trip Through...Exit and In God's Country played majestically again. And the true goosepump moment of One Tree Hill. I'd waited 51 shows to hear that song live & was all set for a flight to New Zealand to realise that little dream, when along came JT30. To all those in Brazil tonight, I wish I was with you. To all those saving the pennies / dollars / euros for 2018, I hope to see you next year. And I'll be taking my daughter. She's 10 in 2018 & desperate to embark on her own live music adventures. Can't wait!
  5. I have 1 GA ticket for sale for the first Twickenham show, July 8th. I am attending & will be in the GA line from approx 11am, so we can trade at the venue. PM me if you're interested. Face value incl service charge = £78 Maybe see you on Saturday!
  6. Hi Eric I'm looking to trade rather than sell the tickets for London 1. Apologies if that wasn't clear t you from my post!
  7. Hello lovely U2 people! Looking for just the one Red Zone ticket for London 2, July 9th. Can offer one GA (possibly two) for London 1 July 8th, plus remainder in cash. Or happy to just pay full amount for London 2 RZ ticket. My wife will be delighted if you can help; it'll get me out of the house & she can watch Poldark in peace... Thanks for reading! Daddygj
  8. Hello lovely U2 people... Long shot I know, but looking for one RZ ticket for London 2. Can offer a GA ticket for Twickenham 1, plus remainder in cash to cover the cost of the RZ ticket if you wish, or happy to just pay the full amount of RZ ticket. Thanks for reading, Daddygj
  9. Tickets now sold. Apologies to those who were also keen to buy - I hope you find alternatives. Seats can give an amazing view / experience too - consider them as an alternative!
  10. Use the PM facility to leave your contact details &, if tickets still available, I'll call you!
  11. 2xGA's for sale for Glasgow 2 Saturday, face value Have arrived in Glasgow & can see Hydro from hotel so happy to meet at venue! PM me with yr mobile no. &we can arrange trade. Regards Daddy's just
  12. Forogt to say, could well have 2xGA's spare for Glasgow 2 Nov 7th PM me if interested with a contact number & I'll see if I can help - face value for the GA's ie £120 for the pair. Maybe see you in Glasgow!
  13. 2 x seats for Glasgow 1, Friday Nov 6th, Blk 210 Row A - perfect view of E stage activity & straight-on view to I stage. Happy to take £200 for the pair or to split & take £100 for one ticket. Will be in Glasgow from late on Thurs & free all day Friday to trade. Best Wishes!
  14. Ticket still available - awesome position in lower tier Blk 111, Row C between I & E stage & perfect straight-on view of screen. Will be @ o2 from 6:30pm Will take price of Cat B ticket less fees - £90 Xmas came early!!
  15. 1 x seat for sale: Blk 111 Row C (lower level right between I & E stage with perfect view of screen) Top priced ticket @ £180 incl fees - selling @ £100 to a fan! Xmas has come early! Now have GA & so will be at show on Sunday & can trade there. Watched from similar position in Turin - this is a fabulous place to watch the show from!! Go on, go on, go on, go on!! Message me if keen to buy. DaddyGJ
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