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    Achtung Baby
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    Unforgettable Fire tour, Worcester Ma, the famous Bono gives away his hat show!
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    360, Foxboro
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    Zoo TV indoor show Providence, they blew the roof off the place!
  1. If you're pro Trump and such a snowflake that you can't take some criticism then give your tickets to someone else. U2 has been VERY political for a really long time. And like it or not this idiot who's in office now goes counter to everything I've seen the band stand for over the years. So they're taking some shots, good on them. I'd be more upset if they pandered to the Trump fanboys by NOT having something to say. Stick to your principles guys!
  2. Two for Foxboro right at 9:00 with no problems. Looking pretty picked over for seats now, all the VIP packages are sold out. I bet we'll see some second dates added in some cities.
  3. Very smooth, 2 Red Zone for Foxboro, everything worked very well!
  4. We were in the red zone for Show 2, it was amazing. Probably my second favorite show, first being an indoor Zoo TV show in Providence. Personally really like the new stuff, I think it blends well with the older stuff very well. I do agree with the critique of the playing in the screen being a bit confining, sorta stifles what the band can do. But I kind of get the idea, bring more of the performance closer to the middle of the arena and the higher level seats. And that's what this show does really well, pull the whole crowd in throughout the arena. Highlights for me we I Will Follow, pro
  5. I don't know what all the complaining is about, that looks like a good area to see the show. Sure different than the original diagrams but I actually would rather be up near the main stage. And seems like you can move around as the show flows which is pretty cool. Can't wait for the Boston shows!
  6. Wow. Yet another, different take on where the RZs are. Very confusing--it conflicts with both the San Jose arena and TM (everywhere) maps, which have the RZs by the b-stage, NOT the main stage. And--on top of that--it seems to conflict with the actual leaked photos from Vancouver, which appeared to show the RZ all along the central catwalk. And what's more, these RZs are way too big for the 100-total number of RZ slots (50/side). Can any actual RZ ticketholders from Vancouver verify that they received this image?? I'm thinking that the large area is partly the entry way and perhaps t
  7. Looks like the RZ's are all along the sides of the center walkway. So the decision will be which way to go!
  8. So it sounds like the idea that the thug would have the I and E incorporated into the design was on. Can't wait to see some photos of the setup sounds cool. An intermission is interesting, sounds like they've ditched the idea of alternating the set lists show to show, like the idea of two half better. Wonder if this means a longer set list than a normal U2 show!
  9. Here's what it says on my Ticketmaster order: Your tickets are being held at the venue's box office for pick up day of the event. Present your photo ID and the credit card you used for purchase at the time you pick up your tickets. Will Call pick up varies by venue & event but is usually available 90 minutes prior to the start time of the event. So apparently it is will call, not CCE after all. Kind of a pain, but I get trying to limit scalpers from getting the floor seats.
  10. Who remembers Lone Justice from the Unforgettable Fire Tour? That was pretty bad! So hit or miss over the years, but it's only a brief set so if the opener is lousy no big deal.
  11. Just looked at Boston Saturday night it's showing GA tickets available in case anyone missed on those.
  12. Glad I sprung for the Red Zone, looks like that will be a nice spot to see the show, only 50 people, right up on the stage, should be sweet!!
  13. Great package to find under the christmas tree ... ! ;-) Sure is!!
  14. Red Zone x2 for the 2nd Boston show, went very smoothly.
  15. It's a lot but went with the Red Zone as well, trade of money for my time, now I don't have to get to the arena super early to get a good GA spot. It's only an every 4-5 year thing so it's my Christmas present this year!
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